The universe is filled with an infinite number of objects at unimaginable distances, all dominated by one of the four fundamental forces of the universe, gravity.
The formation of stars and planets, is given by the attraction of small piece of matter, this process can last millions of years. The stars are born of dust and clouds of gas that begin to accumulate and therefore the cluster is growing. Depending on the amount of mass that accumulates it can be a star like our sun, bigger or smaller.

The sun, the moon, and the planets obviously have a spherical shape. Experts say that the sun is the most natural natural creation known to man. It has been observed for decades and although it is not easy to measure it, the scientific conclusion has been reached that the sun is rounder than what was thought and what was projected in the computer models. Who or what modeled or sculpted it? Well, the force of gravity has modeled the sun, the moon, the planets and most of the great bodies that are in space. Gravity attracts with the same force from all directions inward causing any irregular surface to gradually compact into a sphere.

The main determining agent in the form of planets, stars and any star, is gravity. Every body with a mass greater than zero suffers and, at the same time, generates a force of attraction with respect to the bodies that surround it. The intensity of it, depends on the amount of mass that forms the body.

A body of great mass like the Earth, generates gravitational forces with respect to the Moon. On the other hand, a body of less mass as a cup does not generate enough attractive force to attract other nearby objects. These relationships are collected, in a simple way, in Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation.

The truth is that it suits humanity that the roundness of the stars remains unchanged. A slight variation can affect the gravitational pull between the stars and the planets, which could affect, for example, the cycle and force of the terrestrial tides. In fact, our existence is subject to the stability of the rounded shape of the moon, the sun, the earth ...

Previously it was believed that the solar system was also round. Not so: according to data thrown by Voyager 2, it is asymmetric, flattened and has dents.


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