The United States Government plans to eliminate or minimize aid to the poor, which includes health assistance and food stamps. His argument is that the economy is much better than in 2008 and, therefore, the poor no longer need this help. Note, once again, the racial factor that permeates almost everything. Not by chance, the historical pattern of poverty in this country has been especially vested with blacks, Latinos, children, women and any group outside the orbit of power. Of the billionaires subsidies that farmers receive in the US Since they were implemented as an aid during the Great Depression of the thirties, there is no talk because these rural states are voters of those above. Those above always took advantage of these selective alms and the fear of those in the middle for those under.
Now, to the historical disadvantages of being poor, there is the social stress of neo-Nazism. If before the social narrative had some respect for the weakest, now they are the object of harassment and bullying, which makes the objective condition of being a woman, black, mestizo, young and poor one more reason for psychological, moral and social stress. That is the poverty that cannot be measured: moral poverty.
It turns out that the most powerful country on the planet needs to save $ 2 billion in food for the poorest shortly after passing a tax cut law that "relieved" the super-millionaires by 1,000 times.
It is logical that someone who was born in the insensitivity of the opulence of money and power like Donald Trump thinks so (this of the greater insensitivity of the rich is not an opinion but has been demonstrated by various studies). For these types of people, if the macro numbers are fine, everyone should be fine because everyone benefits to some degree in the same economy. It does not matter if some take a million dollars and others appreciate the coins that fall into disarray.
Now, if it is true that wages have recovered 1.5% in the last year, and assuming that improvement also reached the most needy classes, then let's discount 1.5% of the food the poor receive (a glass less water, a crumb of bread less). But let's not leave them without eating.
The insensitive mentality that governs the world means that a worker begs for a food coupon for laziness or that millions go to public feeders for fun. That the poor no longer need so much? The poor have a stomach limit when the state "gives them" a plate of food a day. The rich do not have a limit on greed when that same state spends billions of dollars protecting their interests in the most diverse ways.
From the Government to the opposition press summarize the current situation of the country as "an outstanding strength and economic prosperity". Under those headlines and outside those same means, one in five young people lives in poverty while 40% of the population is a month after falling into poverty if they lose their job. Contradiction? No. Ideal situation for big business.
The massive 2017 tax cut went unnoticed by most. In macroeconomics, it caused a stimulus that lasted a year and a debt that will last for decades. The "fiscal responsibility" has been a historical flag of the republicans at the same time that they have been republican governments (since the party adopted the neoliberalism like ideology in the 70) those that have increased the debts of the government in massive form. The current government is no exception. In two and a half years the fiscal deficit increased by 17% (US $ 779,000,000,000) and external debt (today in US $ 22,000,000,000,000) by 30% at the end of 2020.
None of this is Trump's invention. In 2013, 0.1% of the population had already had more capital than 90%. In 2016, 40 million (12.7%) lived in poverty. Today, men with more money are counted on the fingers of one hand than the poorest half of the country while half a million people live on the streets. In 2017, already in the Trump administration, 140 million Americans lived in "economic instability" according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
These data and this ideological practice have other direct derivatives: in the United States, 50,000 people die each year from an opioid overdose alone. The famous epidemic was initiated and sustained by the greed of large pharmaceutical companies, as has already been demonstrated (the business totals US $ 78,500,000,000, more than the GDP of Uruguay or Guatemala).
To this panorama of cannibalism, lack of protection and vulnerability must be added that the Fed is not prepared for the recession of 2020 or 2021, since it does not have a minimum of 5% of rates to reduce. Nor is the population prepared. There are more people without health insurance. There are more students with more debts. Although poverty has been reduced by 2.5% since 2015 (12.3%), it has simply followed a very obvious historical pattern: with each recession all progress in poverty reduction is erased (today the percentage is the same as in 1965) and all the salary progress of workers who, in addition, cannot save but borrow.
In the greater period of macroeconomic expansion of the last generations, the reduction of poverty by a few percentage points and the high degree of precariousness of the majority of the inhabitants of the country that prints the global currency and still dominates the geopolitics indicates that in the The next recession (in 2020 the national census will add hundreds of thousands of temporary jobs) the number of those who fall into poverty will be painful. The lack of containment of social programs (education, health, social mobility) will do the rest.
Social protection networks are not only fair but also convenient, even for those above. An overly obvious case was Mauricio Macri's Argentina (Menem's and so many others'). The effects of gay neoliberalism are more obvious there because Argentina is a sensitive economy, since it cannot print the global currency or impose anything on anyone, in addition to its genetic tendency to intermittent rebellion.
Societies do not change or react to their own exploitation but by major crises. Half crises are never enough. The neoliberal orgy in the United States is still waiting for the Big One, a social tremor much more dramatic than the earthquake California has been waiting for decades.
One way to postpone a few more decades that break will be a strong reaction from the left sometime in the next decade. The new 60s. Otherwise we will be condemned to relive the 30s just a century later.



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