Once upon a time there were three little puppies.
One pup played Minecraft. The second pup played Halo. The third played with a stick.
A thunderstorm started and lightning hit the first pup's AC, knocking the power out.
No more Minecraft! The pup went to the second pup's house to play Halo.
The thunderstorm lightning then hit the second pup's AC, knocking the power out.
The second pup brought out his smartphone, which he had been using earlier.
Unfortunately, since the power was out, it ran out of battery shortly.
And the external battery ran dry, too.
Sadly, they looked out the window, only to see the third pup happily playing with his stick, despite being drenched with rain.
"Y'know," said the first pup. "That actually looks quite fun."
"Yeah... wanna give it a shot?" The first pup nodded, and they went outside to play with the third pup and his stick, having a marvelous time.


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