Why Won't US Media Tell the Truth About What's Happening in Venezuela?

What's going on in Venezuela, and what are the causes?

U.S. imposes fresh sanctions on Venezuela

The United States imposed new sanctions on Venezuelan

Granted, oil prices are very low and oil is Venezuela’s economy is largely dependent on oil revenues but 20 years of underinvestment in their oil industry, basic infrastructure, rampant corruption and the Venezuelan governments relationship with the Chinese has left the nation impoverished.
Exacerbating all of this is the incredible brain drain that’s been taking place for the past 15 years. A petition for Hugo Chavez’s recall back in 2003 led to a blacklist for anyone who signed it, barring them from any public sector employment.
Tens of thousands of high skilled workers, most critically in the nation’s oil and gas industry, packed their bags and left Venezuela. Instead of taking all that oil revenue and reinvesting it in the Venezuelan O&G sector or using it to diversify their economy it was siphoned off by corrupt Chavez allies, spent on PR stunts or doled out as welfare to the slums to keep Chavez in office. And when the oil money began to dry up due to both lowering prices and a decline in output from Venezuelan producers (caused by the lack of investment in those assets) they just began printing money.
To make matters even worse, in an attempt to tackle inflation and shortages of basic necessity the Venezuelan government has been seizing private businesses and producers that don’t toe the line on price controls. The reality of this policy is the business is handed over to a Chavez/Maduro ally who then runs it into the ground through a combination of incompetence and corruption. .
So now you have a population that has to deal with 1,500% inflation, the worst violent crime rate on the world, lack of basic necessities, food shortages, crippling international debt, and no employment prospects. It’s a wonder it took them this long to rise up.

Trump reportedly floated the idea of invading Venezuela to top aides and world leaders

According to this article, Trump told his top aides and other world leaders that we wanted to invade Venezuela to topple the corrupt President Nicolas Maduro. His aides refused this idea claiming it would be, "terrible."

How would an invasion have differed from the Iraq or Afghanistan invasions?
Would they have been successful?
How would his base respond? Democrats? The international community?
Is international intervention the solution to the Venezuelan crisis?

Capitalism, want our petrol - Capitalismo, quiere nuestra gasolina.

It would make a bad situation worse. Realistically though, given Maduro's complete control over all civil and military institutions there's no way he leaves other than some outside intervention and the situation in Venezuela will only continue to deteriorate.

Was it socialism or a capitalist conspiracy that tanked Venezuela’s economy? 

And why did Trump want to invade?

For the Venezuelan oligarchy, the big businessmen and the geopolitical interests of the U.S. in the region, anything goes, including plunging Venezuela into a bloodbath, where the big losers will be the working class, the social sectors that support the process of change, the members of the armed forces that support the Bolivarian revolution and the loss of control over its natural resources, as simple as that.

Starting in 2014, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia flooded the market with cheap oil. This is not a mere business decision, but a calculated move coordinated with U.S. and Israeli foreign policy goals. Despite not just losing money, but even falling deep into debt, the Saudi monarchy continues to expand its oil production apparatus. The result has been driving the price of oil down from $110 per barrel, to $28 in the early months of this year. The goal is to weaken these opponents of Wall Street, London, and Tel Aviv, whose economies are centered around oil and natural gas exports.

And Venezuela is one of those countries. Saudi efforts to drive down oil prices have drastically reduced Venezuela’s state budget and led to enormous consequences for the Venezuelan economy.

At the same time, private food processing and importing corporations have launched a coordinated campaign of sabotage. This, coupled with the weakening of a vitally important state sector of the economy, has resulted in inflation and food shortages. The artificially low oil prices have left the Venezuelan state cash-starved, prompting a crisis in the funding of the social programs that were key to strengthening the United Socialist Party.

Corruption is a big problem in Venezuela and many third-world countries. This was true prior to the Bolivarian process, as well as after Hugo Chavez launched his massive economic reforms. In situations of extreme poverty, people learn to take care of each other. People who work in government are almost expected to use their position to take care of their friends and family. Corruption is a big problem under any system, but it is much easier to tolerate in conditions of greater abundance. The problem has been magnified in Venezuela due to the drop in state revenue caused by the low oil prices and sabotage from food importers.

Hoping for better times, I love Venezuela :(



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You also forgot capitalist west, arming groups to fight the Venezuelan government, which is still supported by vast majority of Venezuelans mind you, so its not like its a dictatorship the way the capitalist west wants you to think, they create more chaos and killings, and decade long economic sanctions imposed on Venezuela and its people, again by the capitalist west (America in the lead) is what created all this... I agree that just printing money is terrible choice, but seems all central bankers think this is the right choice.... and it won't be any different in US when USD starts collapsing... US has greatest debt of all.
   11mo ago