You don't know me. You don't need to know me. But in the spirit of whistleblowers around the world, sometimes the truth must be told. Sometimes the truth is so pervasive that it cannot be contained for very long. Some secrets are required to maintain information disparity, in order to ingratiate some at the expense of others. Secret Societies centuries ago were built around societies keeping shared secrets. The Illuminati, Masons, Templars, the Discordians, Priory of Scion etc. In this modern age of digital communication, information is free. Free as in free speech, not free beer. This makes it really hard to keep secrets. Information can travel around the world in a second. Keeping secrets becomes very hard. But sometimes secrets need to be kept. But the Age of Information has also given us a blessing. For the first time in human history we can form trust circles that span the globe. We don't need rituals, ceremonies, or gruesome sacrifices to be made to ensure that secrets are kept among the initiated, the inner circles. We just need the right people to know the value of keeping something secret.
If you aren't a Bitcoiner, you can stop reading now. Nothing here will interest you, so I'll stop wasting your time. If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, or have heard of or own Bitcoins, then read on.
You must have heard about the Operation Dragonslayer by now. If you haven't, just Google it now, I will wait.
Did you spend at least 10 min reading the google hits? No? Please do. You need to have proper context in order to understand what I am about to reveal to you. Confused? Too lazy? Ok, Click the link here

Have you spent at LEAST 10 min Researching it?

Okay, now that you have read all the conspiracy stuff surrounding it, I'll give you 2 other strange links, which makes the plot get really interesting... It all started with a simple 'leak' during a video interview with a Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash debate of some of the industry proponents:
Then it suddenly got really really weird, when the following insider story broke which seemed to lend credit to one of the suspected plots to crash Bitcoin prices with a coordinated market manipulation plan, taken straight out of what could have been a Mr. Robot episode:
That post alone from codemojo raised more than $3000 in reader donations. It suddenly looked like something sinister was actually brewing, in true conspiracy style.
The plot thickens...
I am an insider. I was in the room when operation Dragonslayer was planned. For security reasons, you will never know who I am. But if you want to know the truth, I'm willing to tell you. In order to prevent the information from being too readily available, I must ask that you pay a substantial amount of money in order to learn the truth. If the information isn't worth paying for, it should be obvious by the lack of payers. I'm pretty confident that it will be, but I will let you decide for yourself.
Yes, the paywall is pretty high for this. This is needed as a defence against those who would compromise the security of the operation. Also, you may be able to use this information to make a lot of money in the crypto markets if you time it right. In the light of the high payment required, all purchasers of this article will be added to a mailing list where I will post updates/inside information for 1 year (or as long as the operation remains in effect).
Still interested? Good.


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For once in a long time a DS post that is not spam. I guess we will see the real truth very soon.
   3yr ago
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I'm interested in reading this stuff, honestly... already bought a bunch of the other DragonSlayer articles AND, yes, I believe there IS something to it all.
However lately after pondering it thru more carefully I've personally come to this conclusion: whether or not DragonSlayer is *real*, or not, and whether it happens FAST or SLOW (a quick Flippening "attack" overnight or some kind of slow bleed of BTC to BCH value that happens over some months... and whether that's "engineered" by some controlling conspiracy -OR- it just happens naturally, by organic market forces, i.e. "may the best coin win")... overall, really, however and IF/WHEN this happens?? It's just gonna happen. Or it's not.
And... so? There's really only ONE thing to do, in any case. Just BUY and HOLD on to your "Bitcoin Cash" -- BCH For The Win!!!
(And, YES, I wrote "HOLD" there and not "HODL" anymore because the fucking BTC destroyers have now also co-opted and taken away "our" good-old fun hodl meme for their own evil purposes. Bastards.)
Anyway, yeah, no... it's fun and I'm interested in these DragonSlayer tales still, but personally I'm probably not gonna spend any more money on it. Just me though, for whatever it's worth... hope this post helps somebody if any of y'all are in a similar situation as me 👍
   3yr ago