My name is Jared. I am 11 years old, and I want to share this story with you.
THE TWO GEMS (by Jared Lopin)
It was a fairly normal day in the lives of two best friends, Kaylee, and Luci. They were preparing for their day jobs at the Manhattan Zoo “Hurry, get your vest on said Kaylee, we’re gonna be late” “We’re always late” replied Luci. Once at the Zoo Kaylee and Luci went to the sea otter exhibit to check up on scott, their newest baby otter. “Aww, look how cute he is” luci said as she fed him a piece of fish. “ Yeah, would be more cute if he didn’t smell like rotten tuna” said Kaylee jokingly. The afternoon passed, and as the girls were getting ready to leave, the manager of the aquatics division (Kate) came up to them and said “ hey Kaylee, Luci could you girls help me with something ?” “sure” they both said at the same time. “Great, I found these weird green and blue rocks at the beach yesterday, I couldn’t figure out what they were or what they are made of, all I know is they are made of alloy of unknown elements.” “Thanks Kate“ said Kaylee as Kate walked away.
That night in Kaylee and Luci’s apartment, Kaylee was using their microscope to examine the strange rocks while Luci thought about what the rocks could be. “Kate was right” said Kaylee, “I can’t identify the elements that these stones consist of” “Maybe they’re from space or another planet” said Luci sarcastically. Little did she know she was right.
More specifically the distant planet of Kandor, where at this very moment a war crazed Kandorian, by the name of General Kandaast sat talking to his three commanders “What do you mean you lost the Energems! ,fools”he scoffs . “You know those are the only thing sin the universe that have chance of defeating me right ?” he said rising angrily from his throne. “Ye-es sir” replied the first commander. “Hmm can you track the gems” said Kandaast sitting back down.”Yes we have already started tracking procedure” he said looking at his holo board “it seems they are on a planet called Ee-arth in the city of Manhattan. “Alright get the ship ready and plot a course for Manhattan, Earth.
The next day Kaylee and Luci arrived early to the Zoo instead of late they took care of the animals perfectly and were also able to help a stuck sea lion with mysterious strength they didn’t know they had. When their shift was over the manager of the zoo came up to them and gave them the employee of the month award. Later that day, at their apartment Kaylee finally figured out what the stones were, and was getting ready to tell Luci “ the stones seem to be made of an ability enhancing polymer mixed with jade and diamond” “so that explains the abilities we got” replied Luci. “Yes exactly, you know what we have to do, right?” “Help people!” they said in unison.
That weekend they took a trip to downtown Manhattan to visit Kaylee’s big brother Jared (a highly successful engineer with his own company). Once there, they tell him about their powers and idea to help, always believing in helping people he agreed to have his machines make outfits and gadgets for them.
When they got home they put on the sleek green-blue metal plated armor and took out their weapons (double swords for Kaylee and a katana-whip for Luci) and trained on the robot fighting simulator that was also given to them by Jared.
The next day at the Zoo, a big shadow is cast on the city block, it is General Kandast’s ship, it lands next to the Zoo and an entire Kandorian legion emerges and start shooting humans with guns that make them get instantly transported to a different dimension. “Find the Energems” “Destroy whoever stands before you” yells Kandaast. Then out from the crowd of fleeing people Kaylee and Luci run in and start fighting the Kandorians. While fighting, Kaylee says “we need to defeat the leader” “there, the one with the energy staff “. As they run to Kandaast ley get hit with an energy beam “you cannot sneak up on me, I see everything” says Kandaast they jump up and engage him attacking him from all sides but he is fast he blocks every attack and reacts swiftly to their tricks and gadgets when all hope seems lost and the heroes are surrounded on all sides by Kandorians, they hear the sound of rocket engines it is Kaylee’s two brothers Jared and Colin, with armored suits and an army of drones that land and start shooting lasers, rockets and flames at the Kandorians with a slight nod Jared says “we got the army you guys take the leader with the help of a robot drone the girls bring Kandaast to his Knees in a confident, evil voice he says “You can never defeat me” he slowly reaches for his staff and with a blast of energy disappears back to Kandor. The four heroes stand triumphant and the brother’s suits open and they step out, the crowd of people cheer for the heroes for the next few weeks all the local news stories are covering the appearance of the “legion of heroics”


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