Many people from my country have emigrated due to the economic crisis we are currently suffering, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Chile are some of the most frequent destinations for those who emigrate looking for a better future for their families.
Many people from these named countries accuse the Venezuelans that they are taking jobs and that they only go to their countries to bother, steal etc... and that they do not make any contribution to their countries.
I think that if a person from another country without documents, without acquaintances, without money and without contacts takes away their employment, it is incompetent.
In fact, Venezuelans who emigrate to other countries contribute equal or more than local residents since a Venezuelan must pay bus fare, consume water, consume gas for cooking, consume electricity and pay room rent for which he pays taxes that benefit to the state.
The word xenophobia had never heard it until the Venezuelans began to emigrate to other countries, to Venezuela between the 80-90 years, more than 10 million emigrants arrived from different parts of the world, especially from Colombia, Peru and Chile, all were welcomed and supported. with employment and a roof to live.
We are all the same, in the world we are here to help.
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