Hello community, I really feel very happy to be able to write a post for you after so long, but at the same time I also feel very sad to inform you of my current situation.
As many know almost three months ago I made a post which was my farewell to Yours.org, post in which I expressed how grateful I felt with this great community and the reasons why I was leaving.
I summarize those people who could not read my previous post, in that article I expressed that I would not be able to create more content for the platform, this at least for several months, because I was going to emigrate from my country Venezuela.
This is because my Mom is going through a terrible situation regarding her health and that is I chose to go to another country to work and be able to generate the necessary income to be able to help my Mom.
So I managed to borrow 300$ dollars, plus some savings that I had already generated in Yours to start this project.
And so it was, I left my home and i go to a totally different country, which I prefer not to say his name to not generate any kind of problem or discussion, because I know that in that country there are wonderful people and opportunities and that those bad experiences I lived, they are minimal cases and due to bad luck, it was my turn to live them.
What were these bad experiences? Well ... shortly after arriving in the country, I managed to get a job as a Barista, which made me very happy because I managed to find work in one of the trades that I love the most and which I also worked here in Venezuela.
Everything was going very well, I felt very comfortable in my work and I performed in the best way, but something happened that made everything worse, the person who was my boss in that place tried to sexually abuse me, a situation that clearly did not allow Therefore, this person was very upset and threatened me.
How did he threaten me? Well, he told me that if I talked to someone about what had happened, I was going to move several influences and I was going to attack my physical integrity, so I got too scared and left the place immediately, I came crying to the room in which I was staying, I called my family and everyone said it was best to leave that country as soon as possible.
After thinking about it, it was the most sensible decision, because I was alone in a country where I didn't know anyone, I was not yet completely legal and my life was really in danger.
So I made my decision and returned to Venezuela with the greatest sadness in the world, this because I could not fulfill my goal, I left with the greatest illusion in the world in search of a better future, trying to help my mother and The only thing I achieved was to live one of the worst experiences of my life and generate me a monetary debt, because I still owe the money which I borrowed to make this trip.
But well, in part I feel very grateful because I am close to my family, already safe and willing to work hard to be able to solve all this that I am going through, that I know that with my discipline and with the help of all of you I will be able to do it .
Thank you very much for reading, God bless you.