Surely many people here have seen my post requesting help for my son and thanks to @-ed- I have obtained some monetary help obviously in BSV which is the base currency of yours as I do not know much about the subject of cryptocurrencies I have decided to investigate a bit about BSV and I found an article that may interest the BSV community and yours community since it is moneybutton involved that is created by the same creator of
A series of images, related to child abuse, were detected in the blockchain of Bitcoin SV (BSV), after a user made transactions and attached the data through the Money Button application.
The company reported that the illegal content was not visible on its platform, but in the, which provides tools for viewing.
The website was alerted by the authorities to remove the content of its portal, although it is not possible to remove it from the blockchain due to its immutable nature, Money Button said in a statement. To erase it definitively from the network a strong bifurcation would be necessary.
The newly approved feature of the network, which allows attaching up to 100 KB of metadata (OP_Return), in the transactions, served for the malicious user to spread the content on the platform. The previous limit was 220 bytes, which translates into a significant increase and a greater capacity to attach data.
It is important to mention that this type of non-financial information, also known as arbitrary information, is not visible to the naked eye. In these cases, information in formats such as text or images is encoded in hexadecimal form, as has happened with the Bitcoin network.
Abuse of technology
In its release, Money Button, an online payment system on this platform, confirmed that its service was used to disseminate the images and that the user had been suspended. In addition, he emphasized that now that Bitcoin SV has the ability to write large amounts of data in the chain of blocks, it is likely that criminals continue to try to abuse this technology for illegal purposes.
Last Tuesday, January 26, the company announced its update to this new feature that was approved by developers and miners.
For Jimmy Nguyen, one of the most recognized executives of nChain, the company behind Bitcoin SV, told digital media that this is nothing exclusive to BSV. The same is true for the internet, and it is true for bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum and other cryptocurrency networks, in which it is likely that illegal content already exists.
The glossary of CriptoNoticias defines the term OP_Return in the following way: Command inserted in the output of a transaction in Bitcoin Core protocols 0.9.0 onwards that adds metadata to the transaction and avoids spending it again. This command can be used to burn bitcoins.
In the past alternatives have been proposed to restrict arbitrary recordings in the bitcoin blockchain, for example. However, it is a sensitive issue because one of the alternatives proposed has been to place a filter, something that would go against the community that traditionally opposes them and censorship.
If you could help me I would really appreciate it, if you have not seen my post about my son I invite you to go to my profile to read it and to donate a little if you can.
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The alleged image(s) is not an issue, it is illegal anyway and blockchain leaves permanent record, so perpetrator can be traced, also this applies to all blockchains not just BSV and other platforms (youtube, facebook, twitter etc), internet as a whole included. There is a way to deal with this... informing the law enforcement and blacklisting the address/tx so no one can actually view it.
   7mo ago