Today they robbed me.

Today I was upset and full of guilt for what happened. And although both feelings are still present, they are no longer so pronounced or make me feel bad. Reason why I encourage myself at last to tell you what happened.
Today I was fixing my bag to go to the city of Valencia because I had to visit my uncles. In the hustle and bustle of leaving nothing behind, I put my phone in the back pocket of my pants. First big mistake
Having my bag ready, my mom and I went to my grandmother's house to say goodbye to her. It's something I always do and can not miss, just as I never miss the scolding when they see my phone in my pocket and not in my bag. Guess what. That day was missing.
Neither my grandmother, nor my aunt, nor my mother, nor I realized that the phone was there. Second big mistake
I carried a bag in my hand and sometimes in my arm, my mom carried a smaller one on her back, of those that are like school backpacks. When we were at the bus station waiting for the same to take us to the terminal where I would take the bus to Valencia, I felt the keys in my front pocket and put them in my bag. I did not remember the phone at the time, I did not touch the back pockets just in case. Third big mistake
What happened should not happen.
The bus arrived and just at that moment, someone took my phone from the back pocket of my pants.
When I sat down and felt I was not there, I looked for it in my purse because I thought I had saved it when I put the keys back a few minutes ago but it was not there. I went into crisis, I refused to believe that I had been so stupid not to keep it knowing what could happen. My mother recriminated me and told me the famous "I told you so" but she still felt bad for me.
The feeling I felt in every part of my being was horrible. Guilt, anger, indignation. And no, I did not feel sad. Nostalgia for the lost can be but not sadness.
There were several opportunities that could save me from being robbed but nothing happened because I did not realize at any time before the event, only later, when nothing could be done but to blame and bother me.
Did I have some guilt for being aware of the situation we live in and still leave the phone there? Yes. But should it be normal to feel that guilt or be robbed for something so foolish? No, that's why I felt and I feel angry and indignant. Because it is not fair that one can not even have a simple phone because at any time a cunning / alive / cheeky can come and steal.
It is not fair that a person comes to take away what you sweated and fucked in buying, what you bought with hard work and effort. Whether it's food, money, a phone, wallet or whatever.
The worst thing is to listen to "the material recovers, at least they did not do anything to you". really? That will be anywhere except in Venezuela because here recovering the material is almost impossible. Yes, grateful that they did not do anything to me, that it was not even a traumatic experience but annoying and indignant because IT IS SOMETHING THAT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN.
It also seems terrible to me that this country is like that, so ruined socially. We are not all, that is clear but sadly the evil and the lack of values ​​expands like gunpowder and for now, I do not see any way to stop such propagation.
In short, I was the victim of a thief among many who abound, he was sure to witness my crisis, how bad I felt. Who knows if he felt guilty or if instead he did not care what happened to me. Maybe he thought he needed that phone more than me. I repeat, who knows. He will know what he thought at that time and why he did it. I just hope he reflects some day, that he finds the right path.

I had personal projects that may now have to wait or be delayed thanks to an expense that I can not afford such as a new cell phone and an SD memory card, in addition to the personal project issues that I am undertaking, this week will be hell. If you help me with a tip, I would value it very much since it costs me to be able to buy one with the minimum wage as well as in Venezuela (1 dollar a month and decreasing).


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I was fully expecting the phone theft to be just the beginning and you becoming the victim of a targeted attack on your crypto holdings during progression of the story.
Anyway, I feel you. Losing a phone sucks bigtime.
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How much is the phone in dollars
   4d ago
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-Imkeshav- @imkeshav hi friend, thanks for worrying about what happened to me :( a phone is around $ 100 with minin features, with a normal processor, being too high for a velezolano since we earn only $ 1 of monthly salary :(
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Me molesta ver a los venezolanos dando lástima para recibir unos pocos $ en BCH
   4d ago