What I have been trying to say all along...
Solution to fiat & monetary system: BITCOIN CASH
Solution to exploitative and unsustainable Capitalist economic system: WORKER CO-OPs
sorry if this hurts... but this is the truth (especially if you are a capitalist or a banker*)
*actually bankers are capitalists also, the economy split into production and finance as he explained in his presentation, both forms are still capitalist businesses as they are privately owned for profits businesses. Bankers started by providing security to keep people's gold safe, and this expanded of time into more, what eventually created monopoly in finance and how fiat shit came about to exist.


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This is the essence of where we as society are heading in the future, WHO OWNS THE PROFITS OF WORKER PRODUCTIVITY... if the worker owns it, we are going to head into great society where all heavy and hard work will be done by robots and machines, and us humans will be able to enjoy life, be philosophical and explore the universe, but if the minority owns is owning it, the way it is now with Capitalism, we are heading into Matrix type society where humans will end up being used as energy/economic slaves, literally... or if the Capitalist no longer needs us, most of humanity will be either destroyed in war or left to fight for survival like in Hunger Games.
So think very carefully about this and what type of society you want to live in, or leave this world to your kids, and their kids... this is not a joking matter, this is very serious matter.
   7mo ago