When Hitler invaded Europe and created the chaos of the Second World War, hunger took over the world, misery, death and desolation were the fashion; but there was a country in South America called Venezuela, where all foreigners came looking for bread, roof, peace and work, with the faith of having a new life.
Here in my country they got all that, even the Israelites who came fleeing from the Nazi holocaust, found in Venezuela, the Promised Land, that flowed milk and honey, the Eden of the Lord; while other countries closed their doors for fear of a military repression by Hitler.
Here came ships, ships full of women, children, men and the Government of Venezuela was not afraid to receive them, they were given a decent life; to the Italians fleeing from Benito Musoline and Hitler, to the Germans who were given a gift to an entire Colony, such as Colonia Tovar, which is located in the Edo Aragua, the French came in thousands to Venezuela, not to mention the Spaniards running from the War and from Franco, the Poles, the old Soviets, in short; This Country never abandoned a Foreigner immersed in Pain, Hunger, misery. Venezuela opened its doors to them and received Turks, Arabs, Lebanese, Jews, Portuguese, Spaniards and gave them what their countries, for various reasons, could not give them. Now I want to remind the following countries: COLOMBIA, ECUADOR, PERU, PANAMA and CHILE: why? for the simple reason of the humiliating outrage towards my people, my Bolivarian blood, to the point that since their Congresses have decreed not to receive more Venezuelans who go in search of a job and solution to their problems.
Chilean Brothers, I remind you that when the Dictator General Pinochet was killing them from Hunger, for almost two decades, where did many of you come from?... To Venezuela! where they made life and where a decree of the congress of my country never came out, expelling the Chileans.
Colombian brothers, I remind you that after they killed Eliezer and 57 years of Guerrilla, with death, destruction and hunger, where did you come to live? The answer is... Venezuela! where here more than 5 million Colombians came to life, without forgetting something that no country in the world has done: sustaining CUCUTA for decades, supplying GASOLINE, FOOD, WHITE LINE, SPARE PARTS, WORK AND MEDICINE, and never in Venezuela has an decree of the Congress of the Republic or assembly, dictating or prohibiting the entry of Colombians into Venezuela, as you have already done.
Panamanian brothers, when General Noriega was killing them from Hunger during the 80s, where did they come from?... To Venezuela! and here you got work, food, house, life and there were no Venezuelan immigration laws, humiliating them and saying, "out of here you damned Panamanians", here never closed the doors to you, as they are doing now with our brothers Venezuelans
Ecuadorian brothers, who for decades have lived dictatorships and during the consecutive government of Dr. José Velasco Ibarra, who left Ecuador in the worst misery, where they killed for a piece of bread, where many of you came, looking for help to work , eat and have peace? well here ... To Venezuela ..! and never in my country did I issue a decree of law, to expel the Ecuadorians from here and now we have my Venezuelan brothers, in a street situation, because their country does not give them a job.
brothers of Peru, during the year 1980, you were submerged under the dark shadow of the terrorist and guerrilla groups, like Sendero Luminoso and Tupac Amaru; with a hyperinflation of 1700% and even in the 90s, with Alberto Fujimori the crisis was getting worse, where did you come for help? ... To Venezuela! never my country humiliated them, here all the Peruvians made life, food, employment and peace, never the congress took out a law to persecute them and to remove them from my Country; so I conclude.
My Country is the richest in the world, heavy oil, extra heavy, light, extralivian, natural gas, mining, gold, the cheapest gasoline, with less than a dollar you fill your tank of the car, like no other country has, fresh water and without more to add, we have the most beautiful women on the planet, to have beautiful and healthy children, stop humiliating us, because what we are living, at any time is over and we will pick up all our humiliated people to return to their country , your home, your Homeland.
Very soon VENEZUELA will be the same as always without hatred!
Ah! And so that you do not forget Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Colombia, Simón Bolívar A VENEZUELAN gave them freedom and independence and it is clear that we do not need to become the liberator's pro-q what we want is solidarity in the face of the crisis we are living, because when Venezuela needed Libertadores they did not import them, they were born.


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Yes, Capitalist fucks are the ones that funded these very Nazis, the CIA is founded by these very same Nazis, they are the ones behind all these wars and terrorism... they recently started propaganda campaign in calling Nicaraqua, Venezuela and Cuba as Triangle of Evil or some shit with same meaning... as if the hundreds of millions of deaths that Capitalists from US and UK and few other European nations created by funding all these wars, are somehow the good guys bringing freedom to the world, while true peace loving people from these nations, and in Venezuela are the evil ones... America is most disgusting place on earth, I know there are good Americans, every nation has good and bad people, but the state itself and all of its agencies, and the very monetary and economic system that this shit state created and is forcing onto everyone, and many millions that follow them, ignore and look the other way of the shit their state and military have been doing... are all to blame for all of this!
In case of America, ignorance is not bliss, it is COMPLICITY !!!
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@-ed- Friend have I hit on everything? or do I have an error?
   11mo ago