Watch, and listen carefully...
Reason is very simple... US politics is, and always was, controlled by the Capitalists. These top richest capitalists are the Deep State, as I've pointed out quite a few times in the past, but lot of people just brush it off and think that I am crazy. I am 100% correct about this... the whole economic system of Capitalism is by design, about extracting wealth from work of others, that is its purpose and none of that bullshit capitalist system told you its about.
PS: whenever these people say something is bad, they are thinking of THEMSELVES, not the people in general. Its is bad for them, for their profits from exploitation... but its by no means bad for the working people.
And this ties in with the exact same thing also:
Note towards the end, when David talks about "who is going to fix this", this is why I say that Trump and Qanon, are just a distraction and not going to do a damn thing different. 2 years passed and Trump did nothing of what he said he will, and Qanon is just a distraction, to make the people think that there is someone out there that will do it (change these things) for them... truth is, there isn't. Truth is either people themselves will have to do it on their own, or no one else will do it for them/you.
YOU have to do it yourselves.


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As far as the United States plans to go with its expansionist policy yesterday I saw a video that goes out, Isabel, saying no to the intervention in Venezuela. I do not know if hating is bad, but even when you are gentlemen, what else do you think to do, to spread, you want to be the owners of the world and it is not like that .... Although unfortunately you are achieving this through the empire of social networks, I teach my people deeply what capitalism is and its monstrous tentacles. Until when now fighting knee in earth in Venezuela for the good of the revolution.

   5mo ago