I used to oppose IP. but now I'm becoming more objective and will likely follow whatever system is superior and in my self-interest. Does IP promote innovation or hinder it? i honestly do not know, but i will advocate whichever system is superior once there i find conclusive evidence.
In the future the products of your mind may be the only thing you have to offer to society, as automation and AI increase. Unless you suggest all the inventors become bartenders and waiters.
Someone once said something like "IP law exists to protect the pirate not the company" implying a a big company has the resources to destroy copyright pirates, possibly even hiring a hitman. In a lawless/anarchist society where IP laws cannot be enforced traditionally, companies have the resources eliminate the pirates' production centers and target entrepreneurs.
Additionally the purpose of IP is not to persecute people who copy for personal use and research but mainly to persecute those who wish to profit by (allegedly) ripping off those who invested in research. I cannot blame them. Why should someone else profit from others investment of years in academia and laboratory and millions of dollars. As a former engineering student and a transhumanist, i wish to see science flourish in my lifetime. Whatever system can achieve that has my support. My anecdotal evidence in my own life and industry is that without some kind of protection for ideas and research I find ZERO motivational to do cutting edge research. Im sure companies can agree. I may be wrong but i dont see a trend of companies adopting a piracy policy. If most companies do not advocate piracy then i see no roadmap as to how it would prevail. If some day there is conclusive research that IP laws hinder innovation i will support that, until then I will protect the interests of my future investors through IP.
Likewise, the global economy is transitioning from a goods to a service economy, all based on creations of the mind. Without the proper incentives most of the creative industry will be at risk of joblessness. As AI and automation improve, more and more of the economy will rely on services, creative industries and research. I do not wish to see research and creativity destroyed because smaller companies want to rip off the ones that pay for research.
Entrepreneurs alone do not drive the economy, innovation does too, mostly in specialized fields. I personally have abandoned engineering for other higher paying endeavors. Imagine trend that on a macro scale. Those who oppose IP wish for us to produce purely driven by passion. That complete contradicts human physcology and capitalism. Sure some smaller industries like creative writing can get by without IP sometimes, but so far i have found zero evidence that anti-IP promotes large scale scientific innovation and lots of anecdotal evidence that it harms it.
I wont fight against progress, if IP enforcement will prevail and encourage innovation i will support it, but i keep an open mind. The ball is in the court of the anti-IP league to prove that IP law discourages innovation.
This issue has plagued me for over two years, deeply, will keep an open mind.


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Thanks for the write up. I oppose intellectual property. You make some good points about the motivation to protect IP. I understand that but I don't care for it. I believe motivation comes from other sources. Creativity is a good example of human productivity being generated many times without the expectation of payment.
   6mo ago