Receive a hearty greeting to all readers who are reading this article. It is a bit embarrassing to carry out this type of activity, for myself it has been difficult to have to complement my life with the news that I am living in this place but without the intention of offending or demoralizing the people around me, because I am sure that the purpose that I have to fulfill is even greater than my eyes can contemplate.
We have been involved in many cases, for that reason we have taken all the necessary measures that are in our hands to knock on all possible doors to help our Venezuelan brothers, we strongly know the hard reality that many people are going through In the world, we notice how poverty is growing as insurmountable scales, but we also recognize that there are dictatorial governments that are screwed to absolute power and regardless of the will of a nation, they kill who of their opinion different from the national government.
For that reason we are present here, dear reader friend, you can help us grow with this plan or this means to grow the donation impulse to reach the most needy families in Venezuela.
*Jors Pirela boy. Hydrocephalus Awaiting Valve for surgery. Three months. Weight 3.55kg WE NEED URGENT DONATIONS!*
We all deserve to have the right to life, we all deserve an opportunity, God is in heaven but you are here on earth, you are present in this act and only you can help us. We also make collections with the money left over from the donations we have received through social networks, to meet the needs of all the people who need it.

God bless you for your great work.


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