1. BCH will hit parity with BTC. The lightning network won’t provide significant relief in transaction fees. More and more new users will realize BTC is too expensive to use and move to a better store of value and medium of exchange like BCH (or Monero, DASH, or other altcoins).
  2. No one will be talking about Net Neutrality by the time summer arrives. There will be some other frenzy that has distracted from the fact that repealing the “net neutrality” laws had no noticeable effect on consumers.
  3. Spanish music will continue to increase in popularity in the US. This year, two of the biggest hits were Spanish (Despacito and Mi Gente). This will continue in 2018 and the popularity of Reggaeton and Latin Trap will explode in the US. Spanish/English crossovers will not just be a pop thing, and will expand into all genres. In particular J Balvin and Bad Bunny will become household names outside of latin music.


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LatinoCoin anyone?
Would you want to "vote" on the exact day BCH reaches parity? I have a domain registered for that but noone showed interest for such an app.
   10mo ago