Hello, I would like to share a beginning of a story with which I came up few years ago... I created a whole new world and transformed my thoughts on paper and created a book... It's a story about friendship and love but also about a loss and a strenght which comes from all these things... the thing is that I did not write this story in English as I'm not a native speaker and writing in my mother language... yet I would love to give it a try and started to translate bit by bit... so here I'm...sharing with you my world of imagination...and apologazing in advance for not perfect English... and there is beginning of my story....
I couldn’t find him anywhere, so I decided to go further into the woods. It was cold; most probably November morning. I kind of lost focus, on what month it actually is right now, but by the weather I suspected that it must have been November. It was too cold for October, and yet, not cold enough for December. Although, I was far from home and who knows? Maybe the weather here was slightly different. Anyway, I took a deep breath, for I loved the smell of a fresh winter air. Somehow it made me feel calm and that was something I lately rarely felt. I took another deep breath. My head felt dizzy. I reckon it was a reminder of my yesterday’s recklessness. Yes, I was fully aware of the fact that I should not have drunk the fairy wine. Yet, at that time I could not care less. I did nothing but cared too much, worried too much… these last months. So for one night I simply wished to be reckless, to feel a little bit of joy and despite the fact that everything from previous night was still in a blur and I did not remember every detail of it but somehow I felt such a delight in my heart that I could not help it but smile.
I turned my face towards the sky. It was unexpectedly bright. I could see the sun reaching trough the branches above my head. Most of the trees was already without their leaves, yet here and there was possible to still see the last glimpses of autumn season. The brown or even bright orange shining of the rays of sun. Eventually, it was the light which helped me to finally spot him. Even from this distance, I could see how, his almost golden curls were reflecting the sun light. He almost didn’t seem real. He was leaning against a tree with his eyes closed, that he almost looked like he was asleep. However, I knew that he is fully awake. Otherwise his face would be so much more relaxed. No, I shake my head; I was certain he was not asleep but rather lost in his mind somewhere very deep. By the expression on his face, I could tell that whatever what it was on his mind; it wasn’t pleasant. That realisation made me froze on my way. Did something happen? Was it me and my behaviour last night? Did I something wrong? I frowned; I wish I could remember…
I came closer to him. “Eric?” I called carefully his name.
For a moment I thought that he might not heard me, as he did not open his eyes, neither acknowledge my presence in any other way. He only stood there with the distressed expression on his face. His face, which was perhaps too gentle for a man, similarly as was his body perhaps too skinny. Yet, there was something about him that wouldn’t let anyone doubts his strength.
I was just about to call his name again, when he opened eyes. “Hello Leah,” he said with a cold distant voice.
“I was looking for you everywhere,” I explained my presence here.
“And now you have found me,” he shrugged his shoulders and smiled. Yet, the smile did not truly reach his bright blue eyes.
“Yes, I have,” I nodded, and waited for him to say something more, but he remained silent. “I think we should leave soon,” I continued after the realization that he was not going to say anything.
“I suppose you are right,” he shrugged his shoulders again and diverted his eyes from me, almost as he did not want to look at me. “It’s time to pack up our things and go home.”
“Go home?!” I exclaimed in surprise. “What do you mean by go home?”
“Well, precisely what I said, Leah,” he smiled. “However, if you need to put it in another words…it’s time to come back from the place we came from. Where we were born, where we belong,” there was a cold and sharp emphasise on the last words.
“Have you lost your mind? We cannot go home! Not yet, when we got so far….” I shook my head.
“No, I did not lose my mind. On the contrary, I finally made up my mind and I have decided that it’s simply is not worthy of the risk.”
“Not worthy of the risk?” I repeated and felt like I could not breathe anymore. Something terrible must have happened; otherwise he would not be saying these things. “Of course it’s worth the risk. What on the earth are you talking about? Have you forgotten why are we doing this?” I stepped a little bit closer to him and looked deeply in his eyes. Yes, I knew that Eric could be difficult but I would never say that he is a coward.
“Perhaps I have,” he sighed. “Tell me Leah, why are we doing this?”
(to be continued...if you wish)



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I was reading that book in Czech. I read it within three days, and made me cry at times. I am plesed you translating it, the world shall read it!
Respect to you. Incredible head of yours, will find some fans here, on Yours.
   1yr ago