Second part to the prologue of my story Till Death Do Us Part

Although I'm not a native speaker and I probably don't have the "natural" way of writing..I do hope you'll enjoy this...beacause I love to share my world of imagination with you...
**“Perhaps I have,” he sighed. “Tell me Leah, why are we doing this?”**
“Because we love her,” I replied. “Because it was you, who come to me and begged for my help, and it was you who said that together we can do it,” I raised my hand and almost stroked his cheek.
“Actually, you came to me. With a knife in your hand and I’m pretty sure with the intention to hurt me,” he said mockingly. “But yes, it is true that I said all of these things,” he shrugged his shoulders. “I’m sorry but to be honest I’ve never loved her as much as you did. I only thought that I’ll need her, and to get her I would need you. Fortunately, enough, I found out that I don’t need any of you; so I am really sorry, I should have never brought you here. It was pointless after all.”
After his speech I remained silent for a several seconds. There was nothing apologetic in his voice. He was cold and cruel and reminded me nothing of the person I’ve been with these last few months. I wanted to start cry. But no, I could not. Not now and not in front of him. “Please stop; you don’t mean it,” I said finally.
“But I do! You see? Am nothing but a selfish, arrogant prat. You were right,” he was almost yelling.
Suddenly I felt how a strong wave of anger hit me, and I think I originally wanted to just slap him. However, I end up with my nails deeply stuck in his face. “Shut up. Shut up!” I screamed because I couldn’t hold it anymore. It was way too painful. “You said that there is still hope,” I whispered because I could not find any more strength in me.
He quickly grabbed my hands and turned me around, so I found myself pinned between him and the tree. Ironical position really. “I lied,” he whispered softly in my ear. “After all, that what bastards like me do, isn’t it? I’m selfish but you know what? So was she,” he stroked my hair. “Do you think she would be willing to do the same thing for you? No, I doubt that,” I could feel how he shooed his head and feel how his grip around me tightened. It was almost painful, but not as painful as his words. “In fact, I’m doing you a favour. She is not worth the risk. So, for the last time, pack up your things. I’m taking you home.”
With these words he finally released me, but in such a manner that I fell on the hard ground and after that I just froze. I could hear him saying that I have less than half an hour and then his footsteps walking away from me. Yet, I was unable to move. I was in so much pain to do anything. No in physical pain, the fall wasn’t that bad. It was everything inside me what was screaming and bleeding. I almost wished I was dead. I looked up to the sky above me and I found out that it is not bright and sunny anymore. No, it has changed without me noticing, and now it got much darker, similarly as my whole world. It even started to snow. It the first snow I saw this year. I watched the snowflakes coming down I hoped that they would bury me here, so I would never have to get up again. For that I felt, I have lost the last thing, which kept me going these last few months. I had lost my only hope.