The thing most difficult to accept for me about Steemit and Dtube is that your contents will have only 7 days to receive money. I feel this is not fair at all, because 7 days are nothing compared to how long the site will be able to stream and restream your contents.
Fortunately here on Yours, every content you make will get vote, comments or even purchase no matter how late from the day you create it.
Why your efforts should be paid only within 7 days?
If you have 1 million views in 7 days maybe you won't complain so much, but who can get many views in such short time?
I look forward a video platform in Yours so much.


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This is a great point that is not immediately obvious for content creators. Steemit has a tendency to deliberately hide information about how the platform works, whereas Yours is much simpler.
Not knocking Steem; I've had great success there and there's plenty of room to experiment with different models based on different compensation models and cryptocurrencies.
   9mo ago