Now there is a political show and an insistent manipulation around the supposed need of a humanitarian aid for the Venezuelans, because supposedly we are sunk in a sanitary and alimentary chaos type Yémen or Syria, as if the Venezuelans were in the begging.
The opponents say they have ready in Colombia, Brazil and in Curacao, the shipments of medicines and food crumbs sent by the Group of Lima and the European Union so that the usurping president Juan Guaidó receives and administers them with supposed ONG'S created by the Agency Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States. What has been the tool "gringa" infallible to destroy countries in the world and how profitable they have been for their "dogs of war".
Everyone knows that what they intend to do is not a "humanitarian aid" in the strict international legal sense. Because everyone knows that it is the International Red Cross, followed by Acnur and Médicos Sin Fronteras, the organizations recognized worldwide to process humanitarian aid projects before the UN, and not before the Lima Group or some countries allied with the European Union.
As we can see, his actions are still illegal. Even, on January 30 of this year, the same UN Secretary General, Antonio Guerres, responded to Juan Guaidó that any humanitarian aid must be approved by the UN countries, but such approval must have the consent and the collaboration of the boss in Miraflores who is Nicolás Maduro and not the usurper imposed by the Northern Empire.
The experience of the humanitarian aid of the enemy of the NATION, of which he attacks us, that declared war on us, should lead us not to trust even a little in the internal right that supports them. Because they are manipulators by trade, because Venezuelans who want peace know what the leaders of the Popular Will party are capable of doing for ambitions of power. They are able to sell their soul to the Devil in order to defeat the Bolivarian revolution.
Because they are capable of generating misery, hunger, collective anxiety, terrorism and even a civil war as well has declared the usurper offender of "WhiteDog" the "white dog" of the empire. To get to power they have offered to deliver half of the oil of all Venezuelans to the American "war dogs". Because they have already said so openly, what they want is our oil.
Recall that John Bolton, National Security Adviser to the White House, announced the imposition of sanctions against Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA), which includes the freezing of some 7,000 million dollars in industry assets of all Venezuelans; and also said that "this situation would change if the US oil companies could access the Venezuelan oil wells after the Maduro government fell."
As we see, the White House already has its letters thrown out, now they speak of a supposed humanitarian aid, as if the economic and political crisis had not generated it themselves.
Because yes, the people know, that the leaders of Voluntad Popular are terrorists supported by the warmongering government and desperate for our oil.
Because all Venezuelans already live what they were able to do: from burning live people, to destroying outpatient clinics full of medical equipment, burning warehouses filled with medicines; promote looting to businesses and shopping centers; to ally with the currency mafias of Cúcuta and Florida to manipulate the prices; to guarantee that the Trump government steals nearly 18,000 million dollars between assets and money deposited in our accounts abroad; of buying military and officials traitors to the revolution; They even tried to kill President Nicolás Maduro and the military high command on August 5, 2018.
Never the leaders of the Bolivarian revolution have denied that we have experienced a climate of social dissatisfaction as a result of induced hyperinflation. But who has induced this hyperinflation? Let us be aware of that: nothing more and nothing less than the business guilds that today, openly, have ignored the government of Nicolás Maduro and sided with the coup and interventionism publicly recognizing Juan Guaidó.
That is something that was coming! We warn ourselves many times: that Fedecámaras, Consecomercio, Venamchamp, Fedenaga, Fedeagro, the Venezuelan Chamber of Pharmacies were behind the economic war in alliance with the manipulators of the parallel dollar from Cúcuta and Florida.
That the increase in the prices of goods and services of first necessity, almost daily, was to suffocate the humble people, the worker, the foot, the micro entrepreneur, in order to generate a hyperinflationary and recessive economic crisis that It is what the usurping president and traitor to the Fatherland calls "humanitarian crisis".
We Venezuelans know that very well! And the conscious people know that behind the supposed and hypocritical humanitarian aid those who come are mercenaries and destabilizers of office to generate a civil war that justifies US military intervention.
Finally, if we allow the United States and the Venezuelan opposition to achieve an advance of the presidential elections, it would be generating a bad precedent for the democracies of the countries rich in raw materials. We would be in an involutive process, going back to the times of the absolutist monarchies or emperors, where they designated their representatives in the different colonies to administer the resources to be plundered and looted.


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