Some people consider that sexuality is a taboo subject, but it is important to address the issue from the schools, which is an aspect that should be educated. For that reason he must educate in the places where children are formed, which is only in the school and in the homes with the parents.
Tips for parents who are going through the situation of having to explain about sexuality.
It is a subject that involves some people, because it is a bit strange and it is difficult to speak naturally.
Within the councils are:
Work the communication. It is important, children should be sincere and trust the adult and vice versa, the basis to face any problem that may initially generate tension or controversy, is to have a frank and sincere communication.
Age and convenience, to talk about these issues with children, are given depending on how the situation is addressed, because when talking about sexuality you can talk about affection, it is something that can be done from an early age, not specifically the subject of sexuality in question, because it may seem unnatural.
Is sexuality a topic that is treated too late in young people?
The adolescent or the child, often have incorrect information, and that is if it is not treated from home, inculcate, educate, leads to an error. The young people are very curious, and the comments arouse interest, because the taboo is like that. When the correct information is not provided to young people, they are not educated on a scale of values, they will look for information on another site and that is not the right thing to do.
An example to approach young people and begin to get involved in the topic of sexuality in terms of education, is to ask:
Do you like someone at school?
What do people your age do?
It is necessary to be aware of what is happening with young people, since there are concerns on their part as well as representatives, who must be confirmed and educated in the best possible way.
The importance of promoting the climate so that young people can talk to the representative and adults without censorship and feel comfortable.
You always have to prohibit and put limits. There are times when, in what you focus, is the tendency to expand, you must be very careful about it.
More than a "No", the adult should leave open questions and talk calmly with young people, for example:
I realized that at this age you will begin to meet new people, hormones will be revolutionized, but I would love that we can always have a frank conversation, any type of interest or information you need, it would be good to consult me, to find answers.
It is necessary to create a climate in which young people feel comfortable, so that they are open to questions. By generating this positive change in them, the adult must be patient and consistent.
Can they be the parents or representatives who are friends of the children and / or adolescents?
Parents should be parents and representatives, an educational model to follow, but there should be an easy and comfortable relationship, based on communication and trust so they can talk with them about many topics as they do with their friends, because the father, for example, you should:
Establish norms
Enforce each of these rules and the breach must be punished.
A friend does not do these kinds of things that are essential for learning, the roles can not be confused.
Young people should be given this kind of information, all this to educate in conscience.


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