After presenting the way of reading Dr Craig Steven Wright’s "Jean Paul Sartre – Signing and Significance" blog posts (part 1 and part 2) we can go further, thinking in the same direction, but this time with a little bit less of evidence.
After his "Sartre post" was not read as it should, and after it caused a drama on Internet, Dr Wright was supposed to provide "extraordinary proof" in the form of movement of early Bitcoin, amongst other pieces of evidence.
Since coins mined while Dr Write played Satoshi role are "locked" in a trust, the intention was to spend coins that are recently sent to Satoshi’s key and leave trust coins intact by doing it. We can see this, for example, in email correspondence in one of the "Kleiman vs Wright" court documents.
And there were many transactions sending Bitcoin to "key 9" at the time, so a stage may be set in advance.
Dr Wright didn’t do it. He explained why on the blog in the form of "I’m sorry" message.
But, if you look closer, you’ll notice that it is, actually, not the text on the homepage. It is an image!!! A JPEG image.
The next day image was gone and replaced by the text!
Why would someone create an image first as additional effort instead of putting the text directly on the blog like he did it the next day? And it took more than half an hour (of course, maybe he wasn’t working on the picture all the time, but doing other things, too – but, still).
Here we can see part of the picture’s metadata:
Can we see all this in light of Dr Wright’s tweet published approximately 2 years later, in which he wrote about hiding a Bitcoin transaction in a picture (sorry, but I couldn’t find better screenshot)?
"There is an open BCH transaction for 50 BCH in this image. If you can find it... It is yours."
Yes, it’s much easier to hide transaction, without visual artefacts, in the natural picture shown in the tweet, then it is to hide it inside simple one like it is one from the blog. But, the size of a Bitcoin transaction is 250 bytes approximately, and the size of the picture on the blog was about 200kb with a lot of metadata and with a thumbnail of about 5kb in size.
Thumbnail inside "I am sorry" image:
But why "I am sorry" message if Bitcoin transaction from early key is signed and delivered inside an image? Dr Wright was, probably, apologising for not presenting the other pieces of evidence.
Now, I want to point out that there are plenty of new JPEG pictures in Dr Wright’s new version of "Sartre post".
The author didn’t copy all the text from an old blog post, but took screenshots of some parts and put them in the form of JPEG images in a new version of the post! For example, the command to export public key was not copied but provided in the form of a jpeg image:
Picture from the post (command to export public key):
Someone may speculate new JPEGs were introduced as a means of putting transaction from "I am sorry" picture in "Sartre post".
"Satoshi is dead. But this is only the beginning." writes Dr Craig Steven Wright in his "Sartre post".

To believe is to know you believe, and to know you believe is not to believe. – Jean-Paul Sartre


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