By the end of a historical date I represent here my reflections. Especially the harsh process of sanctions that are carried out by the United States and its allies.
We are a few hours away from a historical event. Moments to defend our sacred sovereignty. To this effect and in strict adherence to the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, this Thursday, January 10, will be sworn in for a second term of office, President Chavez NICOLÁS MADURO MOROS. Everything has been said in relation to this event. As always, what remains of the opposition has tried to confuse the people and the international community. But nothing has been worth it, since the only thing that is being done is to fulfill the will of the people expressed in the elections of May 20, where President Maduro was re-elected. That expression must be enforced because it is a mandate of the people of Venezuela. In our country, the president is not placed by the oligarchy or the groups of power, it is chosen by the sovereign people according to our Magna Carta. In such a way that the provisions of Article 231 of the CRBV have been met. Everything is adjusted to the law. With this Act we will tell the world that there is full democracy in our country. We will tell the world that Venezuela respects itself. We will tell everyone that in our country institutions and public authorities are respected. We will say that the people here command, and that according to article 5 of the CRBV: "The sovereignty resides intransferiblemente in the town". And the people elected President Nicolás Maduro.
Therefore, on Thursday, January 10, a river of people will accompany our president Maduro to the swearing-in ceremony. The town again on the street, as it has always been in these 20 years of Revolution. We are going to carry out this oath of President Maduro at a time when the threats and economic blockade in our country are worsening. We will carry out this swearing-in at a time when the empire and its lackeys violate the entire international order to try to subdue our country as it may. The shameful and shameful thing of all this has been the conduct of traitors to the mother country, that have had a group of supposed Venezuelans who continue playing to a coup d'etat and to the delivery of our riches. The immense majority of the people repudiates these lackeys and pitiyanquis. Our National Constituent Assembly (ANC) will take some measures in this regard, together with other state powers.
Between the lines and the misnamed "Grupo de Lima" it can be inferred without a doubt that all those who seek foreign military intervention for the Fatherland of Bolívar are a disgrace to the Great Homeland, such is the claim of these satellite governments that in conchupancia - understand alliance - with the US, seeks to overthrow the legitimate president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, who will be sworn in this January 10, for the new period 2019-2025, after the victory obtained, on May 20 of 2018, with a margin exceeding 67% of validly cast votes.
An electoral process that was attended by more than 200 national and international companions and during its development was the subject of 16 public audits that have attested to the fairness of its results without the Venezuelan institutions having any impugnations of any kind on the part of the participants who were not favored by the popular vote. Consequently, the vast majority of the countries of the world have expressed their appreciation for this election and congratulations to President Maduro.
However, despite the fact that the peoples of the world witnessed this overwhelming victory, the "Lima Group" or the Latin American satellite governments of US imperialism not only seek to violate the will of the Venezuelan people, but also the sovereignty of the Fatherland of Bolívar .
In such a way that the Paria Grande must be alert about the imperial pretensions as well as that of the Venezuelan opposition political actors together with the self-styled Grupo de Lima, to ignore the will of the Venezuelan people expressed in the ballot boxes through a democratic electoral process.
These actions are argued in their intentions to delegitimize the National Constituent Assembly elected also by popular vote and was the one that convened the presidential elections of May 20, 2018.
On the other hand and taking as reference that this January 10 goes for his second term as president of the Bolivarian Republic, Nicolás Maduro, spokesmen of the US government have unleashed a series of hostile actions based on false assumptions that seek to manipulate the truth, with the purpose of breaking Venezuela's institutional stability and peace. Not satisfied with pretending to grant selective validity to the institutions of the Venezuelan Public Power, it also resorts to the tutelage of subordinated governments (Lima Group) of the region and orders them to deepen their siege and blockade against the Venezuelan people.
Today there is a worldwide campaign of contempt, at dawn we will see what will happen, but I assure you that although many want to see Venezuela burn, it will only be one more day of victory.



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