Hello community, I hope everyone is very good.
Many already know that for a good time I have dedicated myself to animals rescue this because of the great affection I feel towards the animals so that whenever I see that I can save a life, I give everything of myself to achieve it.
I am very happy and satisfied by the animals that I have managed to save, to be able to give them that help that they need so much and of course love, it simply makes me feel very happy, so I always seek to be able to do more for them.
Unfortunately, this work does not always bring joys, on many occasions I have encountered cases that make you feel very sad, seeing these animals with serious injuries, suffering and in many cases on the verge of death, just breaks your heart.
And pitifully today I find myself in one of these cases, which is the following.
This little dog is Donna, a beautiful little dog about 1-year-old, who I rescued three days ago in one of my city's garbage dumps.
By the time I found her my heart broke, she was there shaking, totally helpless, covered in waste, so I proceeded to help her immediately
I took her immediately to a veterinary clinic, where she was given a bath to remove all the waste and had several tests to find out the state of her health.
Donna has great dehydration, is very decompensated and as seen in the examinations, its hematologic values are not at all favorable. In addition, his skin is in a very delicate state due to a scabies problem which he possesses.
Her condition is very delicate, but we are doing everything we can to save her, so far I have taken care of all the expenses, but Donna already needs more treatments, which are very expensive for me to be able to afford them alone.
But I won't give up, I'll do my best to save Donna's life.
Any help will be received with the greatest gratitude possible, please pray that Donna can come out of this, thank you all, God bless you.