BitcoinSV is not going to make ads go away. Peer to peer advertisements via Tonic Pow are one easy way for people to onboard themselves into the Bitcoin economy.
The best way to learn about Tonic Pow is by using it. So far I've figured out how to share "offers" but have not yet delved into the slightly advanced wizardry of "crafting" an affiliate link. (To be honest, the top half of the Tonic Pow website homepage appears a bit daunting for less techy folks, i.e. the stuff above the "Examples" heading. Also, maybe I am slow, but the "Tonic Pow Affiliate" explanation in the reddish box is a bit unclear to me... "when someone pours a tonic on a page you share" = ??)

Here is a little blog post on my recent user experience with Tonic Pow "Offers" and a couple of mostly obvious hints:
1. The first and most difficult part is the part that takes the longest. That is, to build a following ("audience"?) with whom you can share the occasional promotion, without having them run away and unfollow. You do this by consistently offering some sort of value to the people who follow you, generally over a long period of time. Gary Vaynerchuk calls this strategy "jab, jab, jab ... right hook" (think of it like "deliver value, deliver value, deliver value ... ask"). It's good to respect the fact that most people do not appreciate a constant stream of ad links (even ones that are peer to peer), unless it's presented with benefits such as new information or entertainment value. I have shared three Tonic Pow "offers" in the span of two weeks, and would probably get away with sharing "offers" more frequently if done properly, providing you also see regular doodles! Actually, the rule of thumb is it's advantageous to build a following long before you need to broadcast something important (e.g. "buy my book").
2. Browse the "Offers" page and choose a listing. You can click the red "Copy share link" button and follow the steps to "earn, promote and explode" (presumably with satoshis, to the address or paymail that you provide). However, for better results you can put in a bit more effort.
side notes:
  • The first time I had to enter a receive address, I was browsing Tonic Pow "Offers" on my laptop. In order to get an address (that long string of letters and numbers from a phone wallet) to paste on my laptop, I had to copy-pasta on my phone AND email it to myself, then open the email on the laptop to copy-pasta AGAIN. This was annoying. Now, already updated, there is the option to use paymail and handles which is a huge improvement.
  • I am using the Simply Cash wallet to try it out (liking it so far) and it also supports paymail.
  • an email is required to sign up, and today I was prompted for a phone number as well (presumably for KYC purposes)
  • so basically, a new user does not need to have any BSV to start earning tiny amounts of BSV on a phone (just need to download a BSV wallet app)

3. Before sharing the copied link (to the "Offer") with your followers, it's advisable to know what you are sharing. One of the offers I shared last week was for Centbee Wallet, which is currently running a promotion to "Top Up and Win" R10,000 but only people who can access retail locations in South Africa with a valid South African ID are eligible. So I could then mention this information when tweeting the link.
Some people might be happy to randomly tweet/twetch/share links that they haven't investigated for themselves, but I'm personally not comfortable doing that.
4. Speaking of sharing any content, you want to put your best foot forward and take a moment to empathize with the people who will be seeing your link. Will your description of the link content be sufficiently informative and entice their curiosity enough for them to take the time to click through and view, and possibly even take some form of concrete action (e.g. download an app, buy merchandise, try out a service)?
Take a second and make it sparkle like a marketer. I once participated in a free webinar on writing effective copy. So I'm totally not an expert but you can google this stuff.
If you are sharing multiple links, try to provide a unique and specific description for each link.
I strive to take the same kind of care in composing a tweet/twetch to share a Tonic Pow link as I would in creating a doodle. i.e. Is there a feeling of some *extra* effort that is communicated in the content you share?
(p.s. Today's extra effort in the doodle is the variety of mushrooms under the tonics. I saw a twetch this past week asking for help in identifying some mushrooms, but it was not in my region. One of my extended family members is an enthusiastic pine mushroom forager and I heard on the radio about hundreds of recent reports of mushroom poisoning in B.C. resulting from people eating improperly identified mushrooms. When in doubt, do not eat. And consult a well-photographed mushroom field guide or local mushroom expert.)
5. Once you've crafted and shared one or more "offers", you can sit back and watch the satoshis stack up (in whichever BSV wallet you are using to receive earnings). You won't make a million bucks on day one, but a little bit of strategically executed effort compounded over a longer period of time would definitely make a difference for someone living where a dollar goes a long way.
This will likely get way more interesting when there's a wider range of Tonic Pow "offers"/links to share, hopefully something for everyone, peer to peer.


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you'll be happy to know the homepage will be getting a makeover soon. It's still designed to present the original hackathon project. a lot has changed since then :)
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