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This is a great document, but I noticed some minor errors. For example, in the first paragraph I think you want to get rid of the word "the" in several places: "resulting coin was BITCOIN CASH" not "resulting coin was the BITCOIN CASH". It happens several times throughout the entire document.
Under Improved Scaling and Low Transaction Fees, you have a tense error and an unnecessary "the". The end of the paragraph should read "while BITCOIN CASH's fee was $.0028"
Under the Splitting and Combining Value header, I think you meant BITCOIN CASH instead of Bitcash if you want to be consistent.
Sorry to nitpick but I'm just trying to help. There were some other ones as well, but I'll wait to see if you want to hear them or not.
   8mo ago
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that hits the nail on the head
especially keeping in mind the info graphic is being courteous towards bitcoin core
as worst case scenario on fees is what matters cause sometimes you cannot choose to move coins later and slow confirmation not an option
maybe i am biased but had to use of my coins at times when the fee was ridiculous
so now i am inoculated
hence BCH PLS if i receive coins
   8mo ago
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This is actually great content. Despite the fact that bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency, i believe that bitcoin cash has potential as it is the second priciest cryptocurrency on the market exchange
   8mo ago
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RBF section has an error.
Second time it’s listed as BFR FYI.
   8mo ago