Incorporating Bitcoin into existing business models to remove friction and increase reach makes any business more agile and attractive. But when we say 'Bitcoin' the first reaction we get most of the time is "Ew that's a scam, I don't f#$% with Bitcoin". This requires careful thought and communication around the advantages of using Bitcoin for freelancers and microbusinesses, which means having a well structured explanation of how conducting business through Bitcoin will impact someone's day-to-day operations. Ultimately, it's up to each freelancer to decide. Our task is to provide the tools for a smart approach. Then we try to track the outcomes diligently. Here is a list of the top 5 freelancers who have never used crypto before but decided to join Fivebucks in the last 24h for a job in BSV.
  1. nartyom (from Chile) is an extremely talented artist who will do a custom ink drawing about anything.
  2. dzaesfs (from Indonesia) will design an iconic logo for your business.
  3. fahmiamoy (from Indonesia) will make a rig 2D character animation or a minimalist logo.
  4. sakthi1056 (from Bangladesh) will scrape the web for email leads for your business.
  5. Hivezluv (from Nigeria) will help you improve your Shopify sales by implementing the Klaviyo sales funnel

First impressions last, by hiring any of these freelancers you will not only be getting great value for the buck but also proving that there is commercial opportunity in Bitcoin.


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