We launched the Yours beta a little over two months ago on August 25. Since then we've had over 3000 pieces of content posted to the site. We now have enough data that we can start to learn about what type of content earns the most money.
Our data isn't perfect and the biggest problem is that in most cases we track satoshis rather than dollars. Since the price of Bitcoin Cash fluctuates daily, this means it is hard to go back in time and figure out how much something actually earned. We are improving our software and database to fix this, but that will take some time.
Assuming an average price of $400 for one Bitcoin Cash, the following is a list of the top articles as measured by revenue (including votes, purchases, tips, and comments). In most cases, the revenue to the author is slightly less due to the fact that most votes to go other voters rather than the author. Also, the real revenue will be different depending on whatever the actual price of Bitcoin Cash was on that day.
Some notes about the top 40 articles:
  • 18 are specifically about Bitcoin Cash, or 45%.
  • 31 are about cryptocurrency generally (including Bitcoin Cash), or 77%.
  • Although we have a good amount of international content on the platform, particularly Chinese, only one article in the top 40 is not written in English. So to first order, 2.5% of top content by revenue is not in English. This is probably a function of the fact that the UI simply is not internationalized which presents a large barrier to international audiences.
  • The top article earned enough money to be competitive with the amount of money a writer could earn on many online publications.
One other important fact: Almost all traffic to Yours comes from articles linked on social media. With this information we can start to see an effective strategy for earning money on Yours.
Here is how creators can earn money on the platform:
  • Create high quality articles where the majority of the content is free and some of the content is paid.
  • The content before the pay wall should be good enough that people are compelled to share the article on social media. This is where most of your traffic will come from.
  • The stuff behind the pay wall is a bonus. This should be something where the people who read the article will 1) want to pay you for doing good work as a tip, 2) want to see the bonus content behind the pay wall. Some people will tip you even without anything behind the pay wall at all.
  • The highest paid article charged $1, which is higher than the average price for content on the platform. You will need to pick a price point that works for your audience - you either need more traffic or a higher price.
  • Yours is powered by Bitcoin Cash, so it is natural that the platform appeals strongly to the Bitcoin Cash community. People who already have Bitcoin Cash have the easiest time onboarding to our platform. We do support credit card onboarding, but the experience is not as refined as cashing in with Bitcoin Cash directly. As such, content about Bitcoin Cash will likely to continue to be the dominant content on the platform until we refine the UI and onboarding experience for new users.


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Cryptocurrency should almost always be a highly-discussed topic on Yours and it's no surprise that it became the first dominant topic when you consider the type of person that would naturally be drawn to the network; but what I'm really looking forward to is the day where it isn't so dominant. I look forward to the day when there are a variety of highly-valued topics on the front page and when various content creators outside of crypto post their work in mass. That's when Yours really succeeds and makes an impact in a large way. But for now, I'll just sit back and enjoy the crypto talk. Thanks for the post, Ryan.
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