So, admittedly, I do not know a ton about Komodo yet. I know Komodo is a decentralized exchange protocol and that it's done an atomic swap with Bitcoin Cash. I also know it's looking like it's going to moon, and it's starting to moon.
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Here's the website for Komodo
And it's specifically this product, BarterDex, that performed the atomic swap.
Move over, Lightning Network™. Here's a link to the article about Komodo.
Judging from cryptocompare's information on Komodo, it looks like it's its own currency/chain and is not an ERC20 token or anything like that and there's currently 103,000,000~ tokens in supply.
Let's get straight to the trading thread.
In this post there will be:
  • Trade structure, strategies, stops, and targets
  • Multiple updates as price action progresses and as news progresses
Average trade structure post so far has gone on for 24-48 hours and has had ~10+ updates provided along the way.
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