I often fret over making a coherent book that isn't just one long essay of disconnected parts that don't make sense to people.
Likewise, Sam Harris put together a book that was, as one person said, just a collection of his earlier writings on his tumbler, or facebook, or something.
Imagine being able to connect your posts to one another, and then editing them later for more cohesiveness (like putting in the links to the Sam Harris reference above) with the other ones! Then each post you make functions like wikipedia, leading to others ones if people are so interested.
This is similar to an idea expressed in Mini-Books, on Amazon, although there's a another book that I'm not currently able to find about creating multiple Kindle books that I was intending to reference.
So, this and other parts here will first be that long essay of disconnected parts, and then, slowly, I'll put them together. :)