Every conversation is an opportunity for evangelizing. Or is it? There is a fine line between enthusiasm and badgering. Honey badgering, that is.
We, the Bitcoin Cash "evangelists" at present, have a tough road ahead. Fundamentally, despite being a functional cryptocurrency with lightning fast transactions (depending on your wifi connection) and ultra low fees (practically free), Bitcoin Cash since its inception is under constant attack via "Proof of Troll" (credit to Ryan X. for that phrase) on social media.
Popular "thought leaders" such as Andreas Antonopoulos contend that Bitcoin in 2018 is still at an early stage of development, basically for geeks and technical users, not yet ready for regular folks to adopt. I watched a recent video in which he recommends that current holders of Bitcoin should not bother trying to convince others to use it. (I would have included a link to the video but unfortunately, I can't find it at the moment.) Contrary to that opinion, Bitcoin Cash is rapidly becoming more usable for non-technical people, Yours.org being one example.
Additionally, in order to not be our own worst enemy, self awareness is helpful. Unsolicited evangelizing can have the opposite of its intended effect, as described in this unrelated-to-crypto blog post. To sum up:
As a final note, ultimately nearly everyone says that evangelism comes from a desire to share a wonderful gift with others. If, in fact, one evangelizes because it is a duty, because it will increase one’s social status, or for any reason other than a desire to share a deeply transforming faith with others who will benefit from it the odds of anti-evangelizing rise significantly (and you will be evangelizing as an act of intellectual domination, hardly a good thing). Most people are happy when you try to give them gifts even if the gifts are awkward and ultimately not what they wanted. Almost nobody is happy to sit through your sales pitch.
Situational awareness and the ability to read social cues is paramount.
Tipping is an easy way to share the love of Bitcoin Cash. Leaving a paper wallet "tip" in addition to (not in place of) the usual dollar amount is easy.
Speaking of user-friendly paper wallets, here is a new one:
I've been fiddling with various paper wallets and this one is the easiest to use yet. Go to the site, click to "create", save as a .pdf, print on one sheet of paper*, cut, fold, load, and share. Although there are no tamper-proof stickers, it is suitable for small amounts (tips). I do wish the text printed a bit bigger but the QR code is scannable which is the important part. (*If your printer uses A4 paper, you get six tips/paper wallets per page.) If your printer uses "letter" sized (8.5"x11") paper, you get four tips per page because two paper wallets are cut off and need to be printed on the next page. I managed to "fit to page margins" and use 11"x17" paper to get larger paper wallets (and bigger text). I used the highest print quality setting on my home office printer. The green design looks especially nice.
Beyond paper wallets, a receptive and curious person might be persuaded to install a new app on their phone to receive some Bitcoin (Cash), e.g. Bitcoin.com wallet or Handcash app. Having watched numerous videos in which Roger Ver onboards new people, I believe that his positive intentions and sincere wish to share the wonders of Bitcoin (Cash) with the world must come across in person. This is how he earned the nickname "Bitcoin Jesus"! Roger has probably gotten really good at reading the body language and facial expressions of potential "targets" (lol). For example, two random Japanese ladies on the beach who expressed hesitation at timestamp 2:20 in this hilarious video were not (honey) badgered any further. Roger does not discriminate between a bartender, taxi driver, makeup artist, or CEO in his mission to evangelize Bitcoin (Cash).
On another note, those who attempt to evangelize BTC by trash-talking BCH (or vice versa) may be achieving some increased social status within their own community echo-chambers (circle-jerking?) but at the cost of demonstrating the kind of petty, toxic behaviour that alienates many onlookers.
For next level evangelizing beyond individuals, I'd be interested in knowing more about the process of the Satoshiware NQ team in North Queenland, Australia, for laying the groundwork and onboarding local businesses with Bitcoin Cash. i.e. What exactly do they do to present themselves as the friendly, knowledgeable, "crazy-in-a-good-way" Bitcoin Cash people?
In the end, people would rather be pulled than pushed into getting involved with cryptocurrencies. FOMO (fear of missing out) during the last bull run is indicative of most people's motivation to be interested in Bitcoin: profit, a concrete concept that pulls most humans.
Whether or not you are one of these passionate Bitcoin Cash evangelists, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.



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I think you should check out my video about Yours.org then. https://youtu.be/16bJLPcJdKE
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This evangelising topic is really interesting, (coming from me as an evangelist).
I'm tired of the "change the world" introduction to bitcoin, tired of doing it, tired of reading about it... quite frankly bored with the narrative.
My thoughts are that without statistical proof that bitcoin increases profit for business, owners are confronted with crazy religious "evangelists" "beat the banks" (dodgy business) which can easily be confused with religion.
I think we're coming to the end of that phase as bigger businesses look at their (online) profit margins and realise the cost of doing business with banks. From that angle it's not a religious choice, it's purely business.
Then bitcoin will be taken seriously.

And, a beautiful tippy introduction, these paper wallets are really handy... I've just handed one over to my local cafe staff right now as a matter of fact... "wow, this is so cute" :)
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I've found that it usually helps if people have already heard about Bitcoin and are at least a little curious about it. Those who haven't usually have no interest in learning. So lately my thing is to talk about it to people who are already interested, to get them to understand the difference between BTC and BCH. Just yesterday I sent an email to 3 friends who hold crypto but do nothing else with it telling them about Purse.io. I've been using Purse for over a month now and I've already saved a couple hundred dollars. It's awesome getting whatever you need for almost 30% off. Paying $115 for something you were going to buy for $160 is pretty good. So I wanted to "share a wonderful gift" with my friends as mentioned above. I gave them detailed instructions on how to use the site, tried to allay any fears they might have, and told them to ask me questions if they had any. These are pretty good friends so I'm not afraid of them judging me, but yes, a part of me wondered afterwards if they're going to think, man "Cain" has gone off the deep end with this stuff. Anyway, it's an uphill battle, but I feel like if I can at least convert a few people who then convert a few more, we might have a shot at this.
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@Yaki Nice video!
@TheWildCard The business angle with profit motive is more likely to win over rational decision-makers, i.e. most "sensible" people. I am maybe too much of a dreamer at the core. In my humble opinion effective evangelizing includes a combination of rational facts/argument and storytelling/marketing of the former. Unfortunately, the "Core camp" is pretty good at the social media aspect (e.g. Follow Fridays, sharing memes). That's not to say that their content or messaging is at all positive or inspiring. Best to focus on benefits that Bitcoin Cash offers to serious business people and ordinary folks, including non-toxic content/resources.
@Cain Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, a receptive audience is better than cold-calling. I'm sure your friends will love you despite a slightly awkward email/gift. I think I've built enough social cred with my friends by being mutually helpful in other realms that they will tolerate my occasional "Bitcoin update". ;)
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