1. On my recent article I chose to charge $.05 in order for those to comment on my article, however Yours only shows the Comment button up to 1 decimal place - I propose that it show 2 decimal places so that people know they are being charged to comment should the author want to charge less than $.10 to comment.
2. I believe I saw some comment in the past on social media (cannot find it) that Craig Wright donates all the Bitcoin he receives when he writes on Yours - and while he recently made a post, himself, _unwriter and others may do so more instead of Medium (save improved editing features) if there was a way to redistribute the Bitcoin the author was going to donate regardless to those who curate his content by voting.
An option could be added on the article at the time of posting to distribute the Bitcoin from the author back to the voters, so instead of the author receiving Bitcoin from the votes, the payouts are shifted to apply to the first voter, thus adding to the rewards those receive from voting.
For example, Alice votes on an article for $.25. Instead of the author receiving that $.25 of Bitcoin, Alice receives that first $.25 instead essentially voting for free. Bob then votes, earning Alice $.125 (therefore profiting more quickly), and Bob is voting for only $.125 himself. Carol votes, paying Alice $.083, Bob $.083 while voting at a discount and so on.
This is just an idea to provide further incentives for content curation on Yours in the case that the author has no desire to earn Bitcoin, but wants to facilitate discussion (and Bitcoin transactions!) on the platform.

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When I first read your first paragraph, I took a closer look at those comment buttons and I have to correct you. It's not shown as dollars when a small amount is displayed. It's shown as cents. So when an author charges $0.05 the button shows it as 5.0¢ -- It's clear, but in my opinion it's confusing. Your point is still well-taken however. They should be consistent with displaying all values in the format $xx.xx and not change the format for small amounts.
   11mo ago
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I agree with Glenn's comment about the price listings being confusing - The issue may be that there is a decimal point, for example "COMMENT 0.0¢" in this comment box. We aren't accustomed to thinking of fractions of cents perhaps.
As for your suggestion, it sounds like an inverted version of how selecting a Steem Power payout on Steemit works. Instead of the voting value going to the poster, it goes to the voters.
   10mo ago