! What an abyss, what an ignominy! It is the least to say, to honor the "potter of republics", today usurped his physical, spiritual and intellectual efforts, precisely, by what he warned in 1828: "... If any person interprets my way of thinking and support his mistakes, I am very sensitive, but inevitable: with my name you want to do good and evil, and many invoke it as the text of your nonsense "...
And there is no greater "nonsense", than the so-called Constitution that will be baptized as an exposed daughter, to the Republic of Venezuela, as "Bolivarian" and that whose precepts imposed a military-civic autocracy, framed within the parameters of a " Transactional Organized Crime "and three of its genres: (drug trafficking, corruption and terrorism) perverting a people and a good part of its leadership for which, the surrender of its sovereignty territorially, politically and economically guarantee full impunity to the aforementioned demands of the "Transactional Organized Crime" to good agreement, of the United Nations Organization (UN) Those crimes, violate not only the territorial sovereignty of Venezuela, but of the countries, where they dabble as mafias, distorting their economies and putting danger the security of their societies and, consequently, the peace of the world.
For Bolívar ... <Only Democracy in my concept is susceptible to absolute freedom> considering that: << Repeated elections are essential in popular systems, because nothing is as dangerous as ceasing to remain in the same citizen power. The people get used to obeying him and he gets used to sending it, from where the usurpation and tyranny originates >> these last adjectives, practiced in antiquity and studied by Montesquieu in his "Spirit of the Laws" that Bolivar read, where the "Insurrection and uprising" of citizens responds to an act consistent with the law >> and without doubt, alien to the concept of Bolivarian democracy, only that there are, in the aforementioned constitution, usurping its precepts through judicial interpretation , of a Power, that by alienating its autonomy, loses its legitimacy, what makes the government "tyrannical", obligating the people, in whom the sovereignty resides, to restore the constitutional legality, exercising civil disobedience, defined in the battered constitution Bolivarian, in his article 333. That tyrannical regime in the judgment of the aforementioned Montesquieu was of two classes << a real one that consists in the violence of the government, and another one of opinion n, it said to feel when governments arranged opposite things to the way of thinking of a nation >>
In this regard, the greatness of the Discourse of Bolivar, in the Constituent Congress of Angostura, on February 15, 1819, are the foundations of its draft Constitution, which have historical and doctrinal origin, from Ancient Greece, to the Encyclopedists of the century XVIII, that inspired the North American and French revolutions, of influence in the independentist thought of America. Speech, which is still a primary source of our constitutionalism, with the reservations that the constitutionalists of their time had, to whom the Liberator recognized "civil liberty" in the rights of "expression and conscience", kidnapped, quartered and criminalized in the "absurd" "Bolivarian Constitution" that offends the Liberator two hundred years of his Speech, which today February 15, 2019, we must declare, as skillful, towards the convocation to a National Bolivarian Constituent Assembly, to restore us to the Republic of Venezuela



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