I've written an article about the new wave of social networks, including this one, Yours.org, that are enabling a new means and way of interacting with others.
I just had a stint on memo where I shared a bunch of facebook posts that I enjoyed.
I had 11 followers. That went down to 10.
I find the impact that that had on me, curious. Why?
Because I've unfollowed a number of people myself, principally because I followed them, and then saw that their posts weren't to my taste, and unfollowed them.
But this isn't about that. While it certainly has an impact on psychology, we are already well-familiar with that via both YouTube and Facebook. I've seen the numbers of followers on my facebook go up, with me posting little, and then back down, with me resuming my regular habits of posting. Yes, if I wanted to get more followers, I would post less often.
But I've been using facebook as a means of self-expression, not reach.
With cost associated with posting, the dynamics change drastically, with a caveat.
The cost of transactions - of posting - are a fraction of a penny, and it takes hundreds of transactions to get up to a penny. But with my habits, I'll certainly reach that. That then makes me consider if I, indeed, value such posts. Nonetheless, I want to write long-form and be able to edit it, too.
Enter this post on Yours, which has 0 cost for posting, and is fully editable.
Is that a net boon? Net loss?
I'm not sure.
What I do know right now is this: When I want to share a quick thought, I'll use memo. When I want to share a long, drawn-out though, I'll use Yours. Or Matter?
See, with Matter, I can't edit it, and the two don't translate to each other.
So, if anything, if I were writing a post on Yours to transfer to Matter, instead of linking the websites to the text as a hyperlink, I'd put them to the side, like this: https://www.yours.org/content/-helpjkid-73392bda0d91
It's uglier, but it allows me to continue editing what I'm looking at and add to it for later permanent placement, as well as cost.
I'm grateful for Yours.
I don't expect many people to follow me, but I don't need many to.
It's become a means for self-expression. And, as well, with memo now, for replies.
I'll gladly pay for the ability to talk with you in comment replies.


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