Polar thinking leads to paradoxes, where feeding one end of a pair, we give rise to the opposite. Similarly, in times of the biggest optimism, there is this unintuitive counter-force, which hides in the bushes, like a tiger. This natural cycles were proven many times by history - enlightenment caused romantics, and they caused critical realists. Fall of communism preceded the biggest capitalist debates within the former Soviet union, and Third reich didn't last for 1000 years, but led to the fall and debasement of the aryan race. I dare to identify possible predators waiting in the Bitcoin space right now.

Bitcoin hard forks
There is this notion of One truth, which is a consensus of blockchain. But if you hard fork, are there more Truths ? This is very distressing idea to the fundamental design of Bitcoin. This distress might have caused prolonging the scaling debate, because there was an assumption that truth must only be One. Why not fork right away ? A compromise happened in the form of Segwit2X, but it seems it was bitter for all parties. You could not feel the satisfaction of such resolution. Bitcoin Cash happened, pre-Segwit chain. If there was a force, big enough to stall the development for 3 years, then it could keep the chain alive.


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