Honeygain is a crowdsourced network company which enables other businesses to conduct web intelligence, market research and content delivery. This kind of online earning is quite new to the internet community.
The Honeygain Software/App (It can work on various platform, includes software for computer users and app for mobile users) shares your unused net traffic with data scientists.
The traffic will come from approved business partners who run web intelligence, market research and content delivery services.
Honeygain network enables hundreds of consumer facing businesses to research the web and make our future brighter
The Honeygain network is used for brand protection campaigns, perform SEO monitoring, as well as conduct ad verification and content delivery services.
You earn 1 credit for 10MB of traffic that goes through you. So for 10GB you’ll earn 1USD. The more you share, the more you earn!
Currently, its minimum payout is 20 USD. You will get the payment through your paypal account.
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