I do the following post to denounce the user @Alexmalpica for publishing false information and take advantage of it

What I say is by the following post
There was also another who received a tip of $ 50 from the user's pate @ -ed- which I delete because I told him about his theft of information

Attached the true post that dates from May 20, 2013

Do you feel very proud to take advantage of that girl with this serious illness? Even if it is old information what you do is wrong and you leave the other Venezuelans who are inside yours wrong, I do not say that all the posts about help are false but many take advantage of the fact that they really help here and what it costs them is a simple copy and paste



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These type of scams have become rampant unfortunately. Everyone has suddenly become a venezuelan in need of help which is why I suggested proof of their own picture with a sign be posted. Hopefully people can be a little smarter about it in the future. I've already noticed a huge drop in those type of posts ever since I exposed one of them.
   10mo ago
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Yours needs to purge itself from this wave of crying for help post.
I am not saying helping is bad, it is good indeed, but you need to use a crowdfunding site not a blogging site. Or at least let yours.org having its own crowdfunding-helping section.
   8mo ago