Valter got up in his pajamas. He went to his refrigerator to drink some his favorite drink. Stinky milk. It had a pungent odor. It was so impactful his dog, Reimyer, could taste it from the other room. The smell would usually wake Reimyer from his doggy sleep. Stinky milk was all Valter needed in the morning. After a few quick sips he would throw on his shoes. Reimyer didn't need much attention, he was no ordinary dog.
Reimyer was a genetically modified robot dog. Reimyer had an IQ level that surpassed that of his owner. Unfortunately, however, Reimyer was programmed with some barriers - the code in his pentium mark 5x^2 brain cpu was set to simply lounge around the house most of the day. Depressing as it may sound he actually much enjoyed his time lounging. He did like to entertain himself with chess games against the ever growing AI super computer that ran most of sub 2x earth's new. He also had a whole back log of virtual worlds to get to, Valter grabbed him a bunch of VR cartridges from the newly opened blockbuster down the street.
Valter was never one to stick around in the house in the mornings long. The moment he would awaken from his slumber he would have a smirk on his face and leap extravagantly out of his bed. He knew the game was on. He would do his best to start the day right. After a spin jump off of his bed he would throw on some clothes, turn on his language learner audio, fold up his blankets, drink his stinky milk, put on his shoes, run to his Haurze 900X, flip over it's tinted roof and be off. Valter's haurze was his pride and joy.
Valter loved to participate in the Jet shuttle park. There he met with his friends who he enjoyed competing with daily. They were his good friends that he had known for years, this was a Saturday and that meant the weekly mini-JetShuttle tournament at the park on coordinate (x:134,y:682,z:990). After a front flip into his Haurze it hardly a second had past until the Haurze was in motion. A big blast of flame came out of the rear. A nice bright red paint job. The parts of his Haurze were cheap and the Haurze itself was a cheaply made jet shuttle. Valter loved it very much. It was his pride and joy.
Valter was eager to race his good friend XxX450DiverIithyrlLover087xXx or Diver for short. Diver was a grand master a Jet Shuttle...

(Dabbling at writing here. I'm gonna stop here and a slight chance I'll continue this some other time.)


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