Venezuela: the jewel in the crown
Until proven otherwise, the world turns on its own axis and walks around the Sun. Internally it is also in motion, right now it is rearranging itself.
The Silk Road promoted by Xi Jinping gives a turn to the world map, from this other angle you can see Asia and the Pacific. It is a new commercial, railway and maritime route, which departs from China, passes through Russia, the Middle East, arrives in Europe and returns to Africa. Towards the other side, it crosses the Pacific and reaches America, passing through the Panama Canal, and perhaps through the Nicaraguan Canal. This new route touches Oceania. The total value of investments in infrastructure is estimated at 3.67 trillion dollars.
The New Route is not only a reordering of commercial channels, it will also require new financial systems to carry out purchases and sales of goods. It is obvious that neither China, much less Russia will make its commercial project dependent on the US financial system SWIFT based on the petro-dollar-paper.
Not coincidentally, since 2010 both China and Russia, but also India, Brazil and South Africa, emerging as powers, joined and formed the BRICS. Together they are promoting a new payment system, the BRICS Pay. It is a compensation system that will allow these countries to carry out their financial transactions, and obviously it will be based on a currency other than the US dollar: it will use the petro-yuan-gold.
In this commercial, financial and monetary reordering, Venezuela is literally and strategically in the center, not only geographically because it is located to the north of the south and to the south of the north, looking to the Caribbean Sea, a step from the Pacific and a jump of the Atlantic, but which has the first proven and certified oil reserve and also the gold reserve. That is to say, in Venezuelan earth lies a good part of the sustenance of the new commercial and monetary system respectively. It is the Jewel of the Crown.
Let's move, without delay, in the Silk, and request our incorporation in the BRICS. We have much to contribute to this new multi-centered, multi-centered world order. Meanwhile, internally, let's move towards a model of social justice, more human, towards Socialism of the 21st century.


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Most of the Brazilian population doesn't want to be part of the BRICS, that's bullshit. Socialists just generate misery, hunger and poverty. We want freedom.
   3mo ago