Most Venezuelans say "Venezuela is over, it has no hope, we will die without medicines and without food, this was taken by the person who brought it" ...
You know? The Word of God says in Prov 18:21 that "death and life are in the power of the tongue, and whoever loves it will eat its fruits."
I know that it is difficult right now to lay hold of the Faith and speak blessings,
But I want to invite you to help change the situation in Venezuela ...
How to do it?
Leaving the complaint daily and at all times. Work for a better country. Tell me change something when you complain? Do not!!! On the contrary, you contaminate your life and that of those around you.
Instead of complaining, thank for the little or much you have. There are those who have less than you and do not complain.
Venezuela is a beautiful country and with many riches that we ourselves do not value. Help him out of this situation.
Could you tell your mother that she is already old and has no hope? Could you tell your child that nothing he undertakes will work out? Could you tell your brother that the time of bonanza and blessing for him is over? Venezuela is a mother ... is a son ... is a brother.
Let's start talking blessings and life about Venezuela and we'll see that everything changes. Venezuela is blessed land, productive land, land of grace. You were born here for big things. Let's help her. Let's not destroy it with our mouth ... Venezuelan friend we want our country.


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Es así, aunque se nos hace cuesta arriba y haya momentos de depresión. NO debemos perder la esperanza por cambiar. Empezando por nosotros mismos!
   10mo ago