Previous note: This is an old article, from the year 2006, that provides the testimony of one of the authors of the sabotage that took place, under US supervision, to overthrow Salvador Allende's socialist government in Chile in 1973. We bring him This is because there is a suspicion that in Venezuela there have already been two attacks on the country's electricity system and we may be at the beginning of a massive sabotage campaign to overthrow the current government of Venezuela, a strategy that the US has already used. in the past against Salvador Allende. You can even see, on reading this brief note, that electrical sabotage was also used in that case. Regrettably, selective assassinations can also be expected.
Roberto Thieme, former leader of the movement and ex-husband of Lucía Pinochet, recounted in his memoirs the details of the plans to overthrow the Popular Unity Government in 1973.
February 12, 2006
The former military leader of the Patria y Libertad movement, Roberto Thieme, announced in his memoirs a plan of sabotage by the Navy to overthrow the socialist government of Salvador Allende in 1973, including the order to assassinate the then president of the Socialist Party, Carlos Altamirano
Thieme, 63 years old and ex-husband of Lucía Pinochet, the eldest daughter of General (r) Augusto Pinochet, gave a series of precisions about the sabotages and attacks prior to the overthrow of Allende, which make up the memories that will be published by mid-year . The former soldier confessed that in July 1973 he received from the Navy a sabotage plan for bridges, oil pipelines, power towers and fuel sources, in addition to explosives and technical driving, in exchange for his movement providing "labor" . The collaboration between Patria and Libertad and the military forces intensified after the failure of the employer's strike in October 1972 and that led to the incorporation of the Armed Forces into the Popular Unity Government.
But key to the intentions of the Navy was the murder of the presidential aide-de-camp, captain Arturo Araya. The "tanquetazo" of 1973 Previously, a sector of the Army planned to take the presidential palace of La Moneda, on June 29, 1973, in what became known as the "tanquetazo", but "the intelligence of the Army detected it and there was abort it, although they reached to leave some tanks to the street, "said the former soldier. The leaders of the movement had to leave the country and Thieme went into exile in Argentina, from where he returned clandestinely in mid-July 1973.
"A few days after the middle of July 1973, I was contacted by two Navy commanders who responded to the command of then Vice Admiral José Toribio Merino (currently commander of the First Naval Zone of Valparaíso)" and who later joined the Military Junta, he explained. The commander-in-chief of the Navy was still Admiral Raul Montero, a constitutionalist, but Merino already had control of Navy operations. "In a meeting, the commanders inform me that a new national strike of transport of various guilds and other forces begins on July 25, 1973. They tell me that now this strike is definitely aimed at overthrowing Allende," he said. The Merino envoys said that "since the Allende government was able to offset the previous national strike with infrastructure (October 1972), and since it had been seen that paralyzing the country was difficult, the Navy, or this rebel sector, needed to start a series of attacks and sabotages to hinder the flows of fuels, electric power, cutting of some bridges and pipelines, "he continues.

The first sabotage was made the same night that Araya was murdered and it consisted of "cutting the fuel supply hoses of the most important gas stations in Santiago, and then the Concón and Concepción oil pipelines. Armada always told us how to fly them, at what time, and this did not stop anymore, "he explained.

The first blackout

Another sabotage was the blowing up of high voltage towers when Allende spoke on national television. "It was an engineering operation to fly the determined towers and produce a blackout, it was the first blackout in Chile and it went from La Serena to Puerto Montt, I do not say it with pride, but that's how things happened," he said. Thieme The former leader of the movement affirmed that "as we continue to achieve the goals of sabotage, the process in the country is radicalized, but the coup still does not arrive." Then I began to receive pressure to attack the lives of leftist leaders, among them Carlos Altamirano, they give me the address and all the information about the people. " "As it was not enough the assassination of the aide-de-camp Araya, we had to create more commotion for the coup, we decided as a movement to stop the sabotage and I did not accept that last request, I surrendered on August 25, 1973, because it was clandestine since my return from Argentina, "he concluded.

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