The OAS was created at the initiative of Washington in the framework of the Cold War to guarantee its hegemony in the hemisphere.
Throughout its existence, the OAS has proven to be more of a US political instrument than it was created for and has had more credit than credit.
What have those discredits been?
- 1954 did nothing before the overthrow of the government of Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala.
- 1962 The OAS expelled Cuba from the organization due to pressure from the US in collusion with the gorilla governments of the region.
- 1964 did nothing before the US military invasion of the Dominican Republic.
- 1965 Approved the invasion of mercenaries to the island of Cuba in the Bay of Pigs.
- 1973 He was indifferent to the overthrow of Salvador Allende's Socialist government in Chile.
- 1982 England invades the Falkland Islands and there is the well-known Falklands War and the OAS, not a single pronouncement.
- 1983 is the military invasion of the US to the Island of Grenada and the assassination of its president Maurice Bishop and that OAS shine for its presence.
- 2012 Parliamentary coup against President Fernando Lugo of El Paraguay, the OAS approved the "legal mechanism" that was used in the coup.
It should not be forgotten that the OAS did not utter a decision against the US financing of the counterrevolution for overthrowing the Sandinista government.
He did not do much, nor did he ask for the intervention of democratic letters against the coup against Manuel Zelaya in Honduras, as Mr. Almagro is actively doing against Venezuela, it was just a blow to the coup leaders who were told that they were separated from the organization, but no other sanction ... hypocrites.
The OAS has not spoken out against the murders and massacres that occur daily in Mexico, such as the massacre of the 43 Ayotzinapa students, the bodies that seem to be hanging from the bridges, etc.
The selective assassinations of communal leaders in Colombia in the hands of paramilitaries.
So what has the OAS served for?
Only to the interests of the US and for something Fidel told them: "The OAS" has not provided a single service to our peoples, it is the embodiment of treason (...) it is an instrument created to prevent the revolutions in America "


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