My friends happy week as is everything?
Another week that starts the year is happening super fast and we just open and close our eyes 😱
I come here today to leave you with this photograph of one of the richest breakfasts in life (at least for me).
I speak nothing more and nothing less than yucca cakes .. siiii fried yucca with a delicious stuffed meat and a spectacular stew, these cakes became an obsession during my pregnancy and while they are brought with a guasacaca that would say our Singer "Nacho" is BRUTAL
To my taste and preference always accompany them with mango juice, I do not know if it is the best combination but mango is my favorite fruit in the whole world so I had my perfect breakfasts.
These rich cakes sell them where I worked haha ​​you can imagine my motivation to get to work was to think about breakfast or snack with them
Something good and good Venezuelan something of my beautiful land
I hope you enjoy my post ... And if I tell you the truth, they already provoked me hahaha 😞
Have a nice day my people a hug!


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