We live daily in media show. Let's see what happens in Venezuela with the opposition and where they get the thousands of dollars to finance everything they carry out.
A dance of dollars revolves around the interference of the US agencies that since 2002 finance the Venezuelan and regional antichavism. There are many questions that arise regarding the fate of these huge amounts of money and the legality of these funds, as it has been a sustained policy that in 2017, the year of the last attempt at color revolution, did not disappoint the opposition.
As tools to exercise soft power for several years, the United States has government agencies such as USAID (Agency for International Development of the USA), which reports directly to the State Department and is the battering ram for its unconventional intervention projects in Latin America since 1961.
By 2013, USAID had distributed more than 200 billion dollars in military and economic "aid" to countries where the US exercises dominion in protecting its interests. For this, it "helps" in various ways such as development loans, technical assistance, funds for emergencies and, above all, military and political support with emphasis on espionage, destabilization strategies and armed and / or political-financial intervention.
Moreover, since the Cold War, the US Congress, through a proposal by Ronald Reagan, created the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) to provide assistance to dissidents in the Soviet Union and its areas of influence. influence. Since 1983 subsidizes structures that are responsible for redistributing abroad the money available between associations, trade unions and employers, as well as parties of the right and left.
This is how the US Congress can directly or indirectly finance intervention in any country in the world. By being "non-governmental", NGOs can develop political agendas that embassies can not assume without violating the sovereignty of host states.
According to figures from the same USAID, the year of highest disbursement to anti-Chavez was 2008 (10 million dollars of the 14 that were committed) while in 2011 there were fewer contributions (1.8 million dollars).
In 2017 the financing was of 5 million dollars, 3.9 of them destined to the sector "Governance and civil society". The organization that received the most from this disbursement was the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) with $ 1.6 million. This body belongs to the OAS and is co-financed by corporations such as Chevron and Merck, 950 thousand dollars were allocated by PADF to the program "Strengthening Civil Society, Project of Participation of Venezuela" focused on increasing the "capacity" of organizations of the civil society that actively participated in the cycle of street and armed violence last year, and 750 thousand to "Activity of Human Rights in Venezuela".
It is followed by Freedom House with 1.1 million dollars allocated to programs called "Constitutional Analysis" and "Human Rights Activity in Venezuela." Also the International Republican Institute (IRI) with a program called "Help to the independent supply of news" which aims to "adapt the content of independent news to the formats and styles that low-income Venezuelans prefer, and will support the information distribution channels that are accessible to the target audience. "
Both the masquerade of independent media and the narrative of "humanitarian crisis" and defense of human rights are connected in the creation of the file that justifies a "humanitarian intervention", promoted by local opponents married to the agenda of Senator Marco Rubio.


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I saw reports from independent journalists (as you don't get any such reporting from Fascist Fake News MSM in the west) that the opposition is indeed funded by the US Empire (US likes to call other governments as "regimes" and because US has been acting as an Empire, it is fair to refer to them as the US Empire), that they played trick during the past elections by withdrawing from the elections so to make it look like Manduro won because there was no opposition... and now that they failed they are doing everything they can, every dirty trick in their book, to attack and undermine the democratically elected Venezuelan president... it just sickens me what America has been doing and international community looking away all these decades.
Stay strong and united
   4mo ago