DISCLAIMER: No Australian women or Baby Badgers (BAB) were actually harmed during the making of this video...
Technical details:- This "attack" cost less than a cent. Memo.cash could block at UX level ability to send tokens to people who have muted (blocked) you. If BCash SLP continues I intend to write a easy tool to use the SLP protocol directly bypassing anything Memo.cash might do. Also with such a tool, when minting the tokens you can mint them directly into the hands of your target saving additional step (and fee) of having to send token.
Predicted responses:-
  • I'll be labelled as some sort of crazy deluded sexual harasser. OK, whateva! #metoo
  • I'll be told "Get a life". Classic attack the messenger rather than refute the message response.
  • They'll say "anyone can send money on BTC or BSV too". This is not sending money, this is sending messages - now in this case the messages were not violent, threatening or offensive.
  • They won't do anything. Just try and ignore this issue.

I know these will be the responses as I shouted this issue out a while ago, and got such responses. I thought it time to make a harmless click-bait real-life example.
Thanks for watching!
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