Oddly enough, Viggo is a full-time firefighter, resides in Stockholm and spends his free time photographing the wonderful Swedish forests and landscapes.
I love being in the woods and outdoors. Most of my photos are made outdoors, either in the south of Stockholm or around Kinnekulle, where I grew up. The best thing about Sweden is that there are still a lot of virgin areas, intact. I have always liked to camp and look for adventures, and there is nothing better than cooking in a bonfire, "explains the photographer
Viggo's photographs are made with drone and his training is completely self-taught. Perhaps having grown up and being inspired by the story worlds of writers such as Astrid Lindgren, Jenny Nyström and Elsa Beskow, have helped her to create this mysterious and evocative look that she captures in her images.
"When I was younger, I often walked with a camera, but I lost my habit as I grew up." When I became a father three decades ago, the camera came back once I wanted to capture the special moments as my daughter grew up. My camera is traveling with me again! ", He says.

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