Humans Of Bitcoin host Matt Aaron had the pleasure of bringing one of Bitcoins ‘O.G’s’ on to the show this week.
Vinny is a familiar face in the Bitcoin world and is well known for his massive success in not just Silicon Valley but South Africa too.
He’s an investor in companies, an authoritative media figure on Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den, plus a partner in the largest cryptocurrency hedge fund ever.
Vinny founded the company Gyft which enabled users to exchange their Bitcoins for gift cards. In fact, at one point, 5% of all bitcoin transactions were made via Gyft. Now he’s CEO of Civic, a decentralized identity ecosystem built on Ethereum.
In the interview, Vinny opens up about growing up in a small town in South Africa and his gamer lifestyle. Matt brings up the whole 'scaling debate' and Vinny sheds light on the importance of low floating assets.The pair discuss the importance of decentralized identity in the world right now and how civic is working on it.
He explains how being CEO isn’t the best for down time and where he tends to focus his time the most.
Listen to understand why he still leads as a CEO and what he’s doing to change the world.


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