Disclaimer: This is all my interpretation on how it work and all the (possible) evidence that I found are limited only on this subreddit, also, for the references the I will be using, I already message those people and ask permission about it.
So, I've been seeing lately that there is a lot of downvoting brigade been happening here in r/btc, almost a lot of thread have been victimized by them even technical and factual ones.
I've tried to do this "Vote Manipulation" and I can say that it's really effective, however there is a somewhat loophole to this, the votes created by those account will never accumulate on your karma but they will affect the visibility of the post/comment.
So where can we spot this account? There is one event here in r/btc that have been brigaded by comments. again by comments however the vote count ratio is different, Here is the example of this thread.
If you check the those thread, you can see some familiar accounts and newer one, however, what put me to make this are the account that are aged but no history asides of those threads, although there is a lot of possible conclusions why are they here,
  1. Alternate accounts created by leechers or farmers
  2. Core trolls and r/bitcoin fanboy/girls
  3. Vote manipulation contributor.

All of those are the possible outcome that can see on the thread but for me, I know that there is something wrong about that. Okay since I mention that I already tried the vote manipulation, here are the steps or I say things you need to do this,
  1. Find a free vpn or buy if you are rich, that has a vast amount of country that you can use.
  2. create a throwaway account with different vpn, the more the merrier
Now you are ready to do it, you can do the continuous vote if the accounts that you made have different vpn. However, on the the account that have a single vpn you need to make an interval, for example, you have 5 accounts on U.S vpn, you can vote twice but on the third vote you need to wait for 10 - 15 mins before you use you another accounts to vote, this is because reddit detects if there is a manipulation in regards of the votes if it comes on a single IP address, so you really need to wait for it.
Anyway, this is not applicable on mobile use.
This is hardly notice on Reddit (r/btc) so I tried to post it here.


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