Every few weeks we tweak and improve our Bitcoin.com Wallet. We’re on a constant journey of improvement and we strive to have the best Bitcoin wallet on the planet.

Our team works tirelessly to keep the wallet bug free and running at its full potential. They also listen to feedback from users and add features to make the wallet even better. We’re perfectionists, but in an ever changing industry, it’s essential!
Because of this, we found it necessary to keep you all informed of the updates we make, no matter how big or small, every time they’re announced.
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Wallet Updates Version 5.1

We strive to make the wallet as easy to use as possible, taking into account the natural flow a user would expect inside the wallet.

Easier send & receive shortcuts

That’s why we added “shortcuts” for the sending and receiving functionalities because we wanted to make the most basic interactions available when it made the most sense.
This is the main reason why now, when you enter your Bitcoin.com wallet’s detail screen you will see the two large “Send” and “Receive” buttons.
These buttons are smart in the sense that they know which wallet you are in.
So if you tap “Receive” you will directly see the QR code for that wallet. If you tap “Send” we will automatically store which wallet you want to send from, so you just need to scan a QR code, or type an address, or choose a contact from your list, and you’ll be ready to send some Bitcoins their way!
This wasn’t as easy to develop as it sounds. For this to make sense we needed to revamp the whole ‘Send flow’, as you might have noticed from slight design and experience improvements.
We wanted to have a more solid information flow, which would allow us to develop our shortcuts and many more developments that are coming very soon, aligned with the strategy we talked about in our first wallet article.

Decimal adjustment

You will also notice that minor design improvements. For instance, we listened to a popular request and the decimals for Bitcoin are now styled in a way that’s easy to read, grouped by 3–2–2 digits after the decimal point.
If you’re a merchant you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve made it pretty clear the amount your clients will pay when you are charging through the “Request specific amount”, as suggested in our user guide for the brick and mortar stores.

Shapeshift Flow

If you’re a user of ShapeShift, we’ve also introduced a completely new flow so you can exchange your BTC into BCH.
The Wallet team are constantly pushing out new versions of the wallet. Keep your eyes peeled for wallet surprises announced very soon on our Social Media and Bitcoin.com Development blog on Medium.


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