One of the advantages of the earn and spend economy is that it makes onboarding smoother. By hiring freelancers on Fivebucks, aside from getting great value for the buck, you also directly onboard freelancers to the BSV economy bypassing traditional and expensive onramps such as exchanges. When these freelancers withdraw BSV for the first time they download a wallet and get a first hand experience of Bitcoin. They try its advantages as peer to peer cash and get ready to explore the myriad of other onchain features such as the ones leveraged by innovative social networks like Twetch and Weiblock. Since Fivebucks is actively promoted outside existing BSV circles, our user pool is ideal if you are looking to bring in new faces by hiring them for jobs starting from as little as $5. To help potential activists identify these users we will be making periodic lists of new users who have never used bitcoin before but are eager to be hired through BSV. These are the top 5 from recent sign ups:
  1. beitmenotyou (based in United Kingdom) will set up a Wix website landing for your business for only $5.
  2. peachzsasz (based in United Kingdom) will make a make a fan edit of whomever or whatever you wish. You can see samples of his work in the listing page, these are great for video memes or viral content to share on your social media.
  3. Davyd (based in Kenya) will write about anything starting from $5. Freelancers like Davyd can help kickstart adoption in Kenya.
  4. kingdavoo (based in Argentina), if you are launching an app targeting college students then what better way to do so than by advertising photographs of young students using the app? Kingdavoo will be your model starting from $5.
  5. borula (based in Serbia), will put your face on dollar money paper.

Whether you try them for business or fun, remember that you will also be welcoming a new real person to the original Bitcoin that scales!


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